Yeah, I’ve been spendin’ plenty of time at home this week– Atlanta is at a virtual standstill since we got 5 inches of snow and it’s been 3 days and the roads are still iced over! yikes!!!!

So I’ve been working like mad on my children’s book, gotta send it to an editor by next week- and also surfing the net (especially you-tube) a lot. I came across this video of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros-Home   I just love it!  I’ve been playing it over and over– I especially love the lyric  “Home is wherever I’m with you”  Watch it– Don’t you just LOVE it?????

So… while dancing around in my ‘jammies all day, i came across a link to this video– same song, different artists, and, I gotta tell ya, I think I even like this one better!!! Soooooo sweet!

Ohhhh… i feel soooo happy!!!! gonna dance all day in my jammies and comfy pink slippers!!! gonna drink hot cocoa and eat leftover pie.  gonna snuggle with my puppies and play this song over and over and over!

Pink slippers (and Chance)

I just wanted  to share a video message with you today.

I saw this video on Youtube, and in welcoming in 2010, it fits  perfectly with my dream board blog that I wrote about in January.  I believe that energy follows thought, and the law of attraction is a very real phenomenom.  I hope you will spare 5 minutes of your time to watch this message.

As the video says, ” the great unknown is your paradise.”


As promised, I have completed a video of a day in the life of my (very spoiled) dog Kismet.  Since he is the subject of my story that is published in a book to be released in December, he felt that he deserved to star in his own movie.

So enjoy, and please leave comments for him below.  He loves to hear from his fanbase. Woof!