May 2010

Well, AI is now officially over for the season, after a 10-season run of one of my top shows EVER!  If you didn’t get to see it, here is a (admittedly biased) re-hash of last night’s season finale.

First and foremost, Lee Dewyze won top spot in a somewhat of a surprise ending. I’m not sayin’ he was bad, in fact i pulled for him several times. But Crystal Bowersox (Mama Sox) was a front-line favorite from day 1, and after their sing-off on Tuesday night, pretty much everybody thought she had it in the bag.

Alas, Lee was the safe bet, often referred to by the judges as “mainstream” and “sellable” with his shy-boy good looks, guitar strumming abilities and raspy, sometimes Dave-Matthews reminiscent voice, but Crystal, OMG–THAT gal could flat-out sang!!!!!!!!! Problem is, she was very much a Janis Joplin, folksy-type with dreads and bad teeth that many of the younger (ahem–under 25) viewers probably couldn’t relate to. Me?  She’s 100% my kinda gal. She’ll make it, as so many of the runners-up have shown. I’ll buy her record, as will many of my peeps.

As far as the show went, the 2 finalists were a bit overshadowed by the fact that it was judge Simon Cowell’s final gig on the show, marking a HUGE turning-point, if not the total demise of American Idol as we know and love it. Some totally lame-ass comedian did a roast/song on him, and it was at that point that everybody grew completely uncomfortable, not for his “slamming” lyrics, but for his total inability to be in the least bit funny. Thank god Simon didn’t judge him, it would have been his worst slam yet.

Siobhan opened, joined by 2 of the fossil-like Brothers Gibb–embarrassing! She was the only one of the 3 that could carry a tune, i feel bad that she drew the short straw.

Big Mike and Michael McDonald should have taken it to the streets and just left it there, weak, weak, weak.

Alas, Crystal did an awesome (IMHO) duet with one of my faves (and thankfully current) Alanis Morissette, and proved why she was a favorite all along.

I loved watching Carrie Underwood, the most successful Idol ever. She is one classy broad, and deserves all of the kudos that she has earned in the music biz.

Casey James (yummers) and brett Michaels (yummers, again) made a delicious twosome. (Care to make that a threesome, boys??)

Brett Michaels & Casey James

Lee’s medly of tunes with surviving (ancient, but surviving) members of Chicago sucked the wind out of the “Windy City”.  I noticed that throughout the entire show last night, Lee (cute as he is) looked a bit like a deer in the headlights.  I believe he was shell-shocked. Maybe he should’ve taken a hit before hand. I’m just sayin…

Paula Abdul was as sane and sober as I’ve ever seen her and was (again, IMHO) a good addition to the show, if not a tad overbearing. She did her god-honest best to thwart the rumors that she and Simon were arch enemies, and, well, I believed her. They looked like two truly good friends.

But speaking of overbearing, diva Janet Jackson had obviously only agreed to be on the show if she could hog the stage and have it all to herself. Nope, no duet for Janet. In true DIVA form, she made it all about herself.  (I am sure she was lip-synching Nasty Boys). She did look booty-licious in her black dress slit up to her bubbly breasts, though.

My personal favorite was the trio of Joe Cocker, Lee and Crystal singing “Get by With a Little Help From My Friends”. That rocked!!  (Altho he is a prehistoric fossil, and probably needed some help getting by, he did us old farts proud).

So, congratulations, Lee. I hope you never have to go back to mixing paint again. Keep your pretty-little head on straight, and you’ll go far. Crystal, my girl?  You’re already there. I’ve  loved watching you every single week.

As for American Idol? Who do YOU want to see as Simon’s replacement? Will it ever be the same?  No. I give it two years.

Goodbye, Simon.  You will be missed.


As many of you know, I have recently joined the ranks of  “doggy foster moms”.  I did this because although I donate to certain rescue groups, (Best Friends Animal Society mostly), I felt the need to become more hand’s on.

Since I am a facebook junkie, I “like” or “join” lots of different rescue organizations online. I was deeply bothered by the sheer numbers of pets that were on death row for some reason. Stray, throw away, puppy-mill rescue..whatever. the entries read something along the lines of “this is rover. His owner decided that he was too big, so he took him to the kill shelter. Please help us get him out before tomorrow or he gets the gas chamber.”

Well, they can’t get a dog out unless it has a foster home (at least) to go to. That’s where I come in.

So, my first foster several months ago was a little minute of a dog I called JoJo. He was young, energetic, adorable and VERY distrusting. He was also a total mess, and chewed absolutely everything he could get his sharp little teeth on!  Within a week he warmed up and decided that I had his back, and lo and behold, I became attached.

JoJo likes beer boxes

I was sure I was heading down “Foster Failure” lane, but then a good friend in Tennessee saw his picture on my facebook page and then I hooked them up on SKYPE and that was history. When I made the “hand-off”, I (more…)

Bondage can be a GOOD thing!

Sewanee Gals @ Shenanigans

I’m on cloud 9.  I have just returned from an absolutely amazing weekend in the rolling hills of Tennessee.  And yes, it was because of facebook, once again.

As you may remember, I reunited w/ my old Sewanee Academy friend “Martina” a year ago.  It was my first facebook-generated face-to-face, and I was nervous as a whore in church! But it worked out beautifully.  We vowed to do it again, soon.

So about a month ago, I turned on my computer and I had a new friend request! Ohhhhhh!! I LOVE getting “friended”, (unless it’s from someone I don’t know or didn’t like,) so I clicked accept, and there she was!  Beth, an old dorm-mate from back in my Sewanee days.  Not even a week later, same thing.  Accept friend request. Tracy!!!! OMG WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN????”   Well, you know the drill…back and forth the 4 of us, yadda yadda yadda, giddy as shit with tons of questions.

Having gone to the funeral of an old Sewanee classmate 2 years ago (who just happened to be Martina’s ex-husband), I made a promise to myself that I would make an effort to revisit those people that had made an impact (good, not bad) on my past. I have lost too many friends unexpectedly without having had the chance to tell them how I felt, that I loved them. That was before I was on facebook, tho, and my efforts to make contact were mostly in vain.  Enter facebook and, well, you know that story.

So, last weekend, with very little (more…)

so,  my old Harlan peeps just left, after a 5-day visit. unfortunately, my camera wasn’t working, so i am at the mercy of them to send photos that i can post. i am posting one from last year’s reunion. (the girl on the far right was not here.)

i can tell you, however, that it was a most awesome time of friendship and bonding.  the funny thing is that we really didn’t do anything.  we mostly hung out on one of the porches and talked and laughed, listened to music and drank lots of wine.   i’ve mentioned before that there is comfort in old friends, especially the ones that you can just sit with, having no real agenda.

and we didn’t feel bored, either. we went out on the boat and sat for a while just listening to the great blue herons that are nesting right now, and we walked through the atlanta botanical gardens (spectacular new renovation/additions) and took in the beauty that surrounded us.

we cooked together and laughed a lot, especially when we stopped by the grocery store and saw some guy carrying out a case of corona beer and as he crossed the street, shrimp started falling out of his shorts! they were everywhere, and he grabbed his crotch with his one free hand and tried to contain the remainder of his “five finger discount” seafood, to little avail! we were cracking up and singing songs about it for the evening.

maybe it was because we were at my house, or maybe because we saw each other as recently as november 2009, but the feeling was one of  familiarity and the mood was relaxed.  just doin’ nothin’.

all that nothingness was a whole lot of something. Thanks, girls!

It’s Spring! (Even though it feels like summertime here in Atlanta, Ga, at 90 degrees). When I look back over past entries on my site from last spring, I realize that this is a time for rebirth, renewal, and reunions!

So, in a matter of days, I have not one, but two reunions with old fiends- er, I mean friends, to attend!

Saturday, my old buds that I knew back in Harlan, Ky., will descend upon my home here in Atlanta for FIVE days! YIKERS!!!! They are the friends, if you followed my blog last fall, that I met in Sedona for a rendezvous.    So, we had such a good time together on that trip that we agreed to convene here this spring.  (Drunk-talk, you know—who ever thought it would actually come to fruition????)

So Debbie called me a couple of months ago and told me she got her ticket.  Okay…Next up was Bertha.  Alright. It’s a plan, man.

So…about a month ago, I found two old buds from a completely other life (Sewanee Academy–boarding school, after I pulled the shit that Bertha and Debbie know me for.)  Well, as happens when you first reconnect w/ old friends on facebook, we were all squealy and shit (as squealy as you can get on the computer, anyway). Oooohhhh…we HAVE to get together!!! So we contacted another old partner in crime, Martina, who I reconnected w/ last year, and made the plan. Turns out, the only time the 4 of us could get together was the day after Debbie and Bertha leave.

At first, I considered this a slight problem. But having gone over it in my mind, I actually see this as a really cool thing. For one thing, the two groups and I had very different relationships in the past. Bertha and I knew each other since second grade.  We were mutually respectful of one another growing up through the years, but I don’t think that we ever actually told each other that until our Sedona reunion. Debbie? She was actually one of my first partners in crime, (in the 7th and 8th grades) spending the night and sneaking out, meeting boys, smoking cigarettes, until her parents made her go to the county school to get away from “bad influences”.  I didn’t see her after that until that same Sedona trip last year, where we realized that we were still those two little trouble-makers from way back.

Enter my Sewanee peeps. We’ve got Martina, Tracy and Beth. We’re meeting at Martina’s sister’s lakehouse in Tennessee for 3 days. None of us (except me and Martina)  have  seen or talked to each other since 1977.  And even though we only knew each other for a year and a half, we shred a dorm, a bathroom, the mess hall, and daily life together over that time. Since there were only about 30 girls in that dorm, we got to be serious confidants in a short span of time. I anticipate our time together next week to be a completely different dynamic than the Harlan girls, yet I have no idea what to expect.

I do know that i am  feeling the love,  the joy and the excitement of reconnecting with strong women that played a big part of my past, and hoping that they’ll be playing a big part in my future!

So tune in next week for an update. I’ll be posting from my cell over at the State Mental Hospital. (Hmmmm…anybody interested in a time-share at the Betty Ford Clinic??)