February 2010

This weekend, my friend Mo and I went out for dinner and a movie.  We agreed on A Single Man, in part because the timing of the movie fit our schedules.

A Single Man is the directorial debut of fashion designer Tom Ford, and his departure from the fashion world is our gain when he decided to direct this movie.

The movie captures one emotion-packed day in the life of middle-aged college professor George Falconer.  Colin Firth plays George, who, following the death (more…)

This weekend, HK and I went over to Piedmont Park to enjoy the first real snow of the year.  We took a plastic sled-thingy and had such a great time speeding down the hills!  It was NOT on purpose that I torpedoed into that kid—for crying out loud–I was yelling at him for a good 7 seconds before the crash! I mean, his Dad got out of my way–why didn’t he pull his kid to safety, too?? I guess that’s all part of Darwin’s whole theory–survival of the fittest, right? Anyway, he had to be 10 or 11, in my opinion, waaayyyy too old to cry like that!  Suck it up, kiddo, life’s short–play hard!

What i do feel sorry for, however, are certain (more…)

Passport? Check.    Laptop? Check.    Video- camera? Check.  Travelling companion with a quick wit and adventurous spirit?  Priceless!

Have I piqued your interest? Are you wondering “what’s she planning this time?????”

This time, I am going somewhere in Europe (we won’t know our destination until we get there). Upon landing, it’s game on.

No, it’s not The Amazing Race, although National Geographic Traveler dubbed Competitours  “The Amazing Race for Regular People”.   That’s right, anybody with a sense of adventure, a couple grand $$ and a couple of weeks off can participate.  There are no auditions, no eliminations, and much less drama.

Competitours is the brainchild of Steve Belkin (to read more about him, click here). Basically, his concept for this breakthrough travel experience came from his participation in The Global Scavenger Hunt encompassing 23 days, 4 continents and 10 countries.  “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity”, recalls Belkin, “but only if you have the time and money.”

Enter Competitours. For 10 days, 17 teams of 2 will travel through several European countries using only local transportation, completing a number of daily challenges while videotaping their experiences.  Like Amazing Race, the challenges and destinations are unknown prior to the night before. Unlike the A. R, the last team in is not the loser. Nope. Teams are scored at the end of the day by how well they captured the spirit of the challenge on video.

photo by keeweechic

OK, so how’d she come up with this gig, you ask.  Well, now that I am the European Travel editor over at BellaOnline, I get lots of requests from tourism boards and companies wanting some free publicity.  Sorry, no can do. That’s against our ethics.  However, I was intrigued by (more…)

I just wanted  to share a video message with you today.

I saw this video on Youtube, and in welcoming in 2010, it fits  perfectly with my dream board blog that I wrote about in January.  I believe that energy follows thought, and the law of attraction is a very real phenomenom.  I hope you will spare 5 minutes of your time to watch this message.

As the video says, ” the great unknown is your paradise.”