pet adoption

the Send Off

The first night of our road trip was spent camping in Petit Jean State park, near the Arkansas Ozark mountains.

The park was named after a French girl whose real name was Amanda, or Anita, or something like that, but it doesn’t really matter, because she changed her identity.

You see, her boyfriend, a French Nobleman, had petitioned the King to go to America to lay claim to some land for France. Permission was granted, however, not being married, the chick was not allowed to join him. (He refused to marry her before such a “dangerous” mission-do you think he was being noble or just being a dick?)

Petit St. Jean Overlook. (see HK in R of frame)

Anyway, Annette or whatever her name was disguised herself as a boy and was alloed to sign on as a “cabin boy”. She obviously did a great job, because even her lover never caught on. They dubbed her/him “Petit Jean” (Little John) and he was very popular.

Upon Arrival at the beautiful bluffs in what would later become Arkansas, the group of early explorers befriended the Indians (we all know how THAT later turned out.) They spent the summer there and the day before setting sail back to France, Petit Jean fell ill. Very ill. Upon her death bed, it was discovered that he was a she, and I guess the Nobleman got all torn up and shit. Anyway, she requested that she be buried in the mountain she had come to love. So, that is the story of where we stayed our first night on the road.

After a 7 hour drive, our second night was spent lakefront on Foss Lake State Park in Western Oklahoma.  Oklahoma is really a beautiful state.  Did you know it has more shoreline than the Gulf and Atlantic? That’s what the brochure says, anyway! It was 97 degrees at 6:00 pm, but it was a “dry” heat. Being from Atlanta, we’re used to soupy heat. So we pulled our lawn chairs into the water and watched to boats go by. It was the 21 June, the summer solstice, and a very pleasant, if long, evening.

Foss lake, OK at sunset

In the campsite down the hill from ours was a family of 5- Mom, a robust woman with a mouth like a sailor, Dad, even more robust, with a penchant for cheap beer, and their 3 tow-headed sons who, upon being locked out of their RV, spent a lot of time fishing.

Around 5:30 am, after steppin outside to squat behind the one tree at our site, I was about halfway back to sleep when I heard a loud, long, deep groan coming from the direction of the neighbors RV. Another groan, and another, this time with a higher tone and heavy huffing. What the….DISGUSTING!!! that perve is nailing his wife with the kids right there! I had a mind to yell out something like ‘Knock it off, Pervert- get a room!” But, being the level-headed and censored person that I am, I just laid there and listened.

Upon waking up, HK asked me if the cows in the field beside us had woken me up. Oh, that;s right, we’re in Oklahoma.

Foss lake, OK at sunset


hihihihihi! guess what??? Mommy and Diddy bought a pop up camper yesterday and this summer we’re going on the road! me and kizzy and roxie are so excited! we’ll get to see most of the country and Canada for several months.

mommy and diddy will volunteer at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary  in Utah, and then guess what???? I get to go sailing in the San Juan Islands!!!!!!  ooohhhhhhh! i love to sail!

here’s a picture of me on the sailboat this weekend. I had stolen a strawberry out of mommy’s drink. (did you know i love to eat anything red??)

anyway, when we got off the boat, the dock manager got mad and said “no dogs allowed” so you know what i did?? i peed on the office door!  hahahahahaa!

anyway, here is the pop up now named the “pup up” and we will be promoting animal rescue on our travels. she will be home sweet home for several months! i’ll be blogging about my trip and all of our wonderful adventures, like kismet and roxie did 2 years ago in vancouver. see kismet and roxie’s x-cellent adventures here.

i’ll write more later, i have to go put my rescue bumper sticker on the pup up now!



hihihihihihihi! oooohhhhh! mommy just found the cutest bumper stickers! they’re from and proceeds go to their facebook (mommy loves loves loves facebook…) rescue page!  we’re gonna look sooo cute riding around in the car with a bumper sticker that promotes my dawgs!

so what are you waiting for??? order one!  or four!  Arf!


hi hi hi hi hi! chance here. it’s yukky and rainy outside so mommy went to see a movie yesterday. she wanted to take me in her purse but was afraid i’d eat the popcorn she snuck in.  oops—no, just kidding.  really. (sorry, mommy)
she went to see “my dog tulip”, an animated movie directed by sandra and paul fierlinger about the love between a man and his dog. it’s based on a true book written by J.R. Ackerley before mommy was even born, which makes it like, a fossil!

it’s not a movie for children, which is another reason i couldn’t go. it had dog sex and poopie and bad dog behavior in it. none of which i ever do. ever!

the narrator of the movie is voiced by christopher plummer. he plays an old man (like granddaddy’s age) who has never found his “special friend” (the movie hints that he’s gay, but that’s ok, so are lots of mommy’s and my friends) and goes through life lonely. until he adopts this german shepherd, tulip. tulip has lived in a little cage all her life and acts wild and crazy, and the old man can’t control her, but, still, they fall in love with each other.  really. when he takes to to the vet because she scoots on the floor on her butt (i did that once when i had the worms), the vet, voiced by isabella rossallini, tells her tulip’s not the trouble, he is.

Click here to see the trailer
tulip poops on the sidewalks and everywhere, and the man never cleans it up. mommy said that is a problem, because it makes her real mad when she steps in poopie. then he tries to “fix her up” with a good male shepherd dog so she can have purebred puppies, but it never works. the movie is pretty graphic in showing the sex scenes. since i got tutored when mommy rescued me, i don’t really care about that stuff.  it’s dumb.  but tulip wanted it pretty bad, so, finally, the man gave in and let the old “disreputable dirty ragamuffin” from next door get her preggars. 

i’m not gonna give away the whole movie, but i will tell you that it was “computer animation, made by hand, and consisted of 58,320 drawings.    And that is pretty cool.

Some of the reviews say that the movie showed irresponsible behavior by the old man, but, well, he was old. and so is the book. and back in the 50’s, people weren’t as cosse  contc , conscent   they didn’t worry as much about their pets. i mean, he did rescue tulip. and mommy rescued me. so maybe people can just get over the other stuff and just like the movie for what it is. a sweet, touching film about a man and his dog.

love, chance


when i first came to stay with mommy and diddy, my hair had just been shaved down reeeeel short, and my skin was bright pink. so diddy, trying to be funny (but sooo not) started calling me piglet. it made me and mommy mad, so he finally started calling me my name, chance.
i had one of those stoopid cones on my neck, because i kept biting and scratching myself bloody! and the first 2 dayz, i wouldn’t eat. well, i’d nibble on a little pnut butter, and i would devour napkins, but that’s it. believe me, there can be some pretty choice morsels on a used napkin. i became something of a “napkin connoisseur” in my circle. fast food or pizza napkins-they were mine! starbucks–not so much.

but the best garbage finds are pizza bonz! If I saw a girl eating pizza, I knew to hang around, because for some reason that I will never understand, gils don’t eat their pizza bonz. Pity them, but my bonus!

Here’s a pic of me after I got my cone off. Skin’s still pink, tail nekked, but feeling much, much better!