October 2010

Last night, 2 friends and I cashed in our Groupons for a fun night of painting at  Cocktails and Canvas . The deal was for $10.00 you get to paint the evening’s theme, providing your own adult beverage and snacks, they provide the canvas, paint and equipment.  The theme of last night’s class was “Sailboat at Sea”, and since Stef and I have joined a local sailing club with the dreams of one day sailing off into the wild blue yonder, we decided this was a great way to begin manifesting our future.

The instructor “guides” the class and basically students imitate what she is doing. We were given 4 quite bland colors-brown, black, white and blue.  What???? No yellow?? No Red???

Well, of course I would have none of that, so I solicited the help of the “brush washer” to find me some COLOR, dammit! Ahhhh!! much better!

Have a look at the 3 very different interpretations of one theme.

By the way– Do YOU Groupon??

Did you know that, according to FBI stats, there are over 7,000 hate crimes committed each year in the USA? I find this deplorable. Reprehensible. Shameful. To bully, beat up or even murder someone based on their sexual orientation, religion or just differentness goes against what “united” represents.

In 1998, a boy named Matthew Shepherd was murdered because he was gay. In response to losing her son, Judy Shepherd started the Matthew Shepherd Foundation in order to carry on his legacy and prevent his fate from befalling others.  I urge you to go to this site. Read the interviews with Betty DeGeneres, Wanda Sykes and others.  Even if you already have an open mind and stand in support of your brothers and sisters, it is powerful stuff.

On October 28,  2009, the Matthew Shepard Act was signed into law, expanding the definition of hate crime to include sexual orientation, gender identity and disability. It took 11 years to enact the law, but it is appalling to learn that still today, in 16 states, one can be fired from their job on the basis of being gay.

Today is Erase the Hate Day. Show your support by wearing purple. Write “Erase Hate” on your arm. join the movement to make bullying and crime against others a thing of the past.

Thank you!

OMG!!!! It’s HERE! They finally made a movie about Facebook, and naturally, I had to go see it opening day! (If they knew what a fanatic I am about fb, I surely would’ve gotten premier tickets or something.) The movie is called “The Social Network” and I have to tell you, run, don’t walk to this masterpiece!

As you know by now, I am a big-time, heavy-duty facebook addict! I got hooked the first time I tried it. I have tried to kick my habit a couple of times, but the withdraws were too much! Body sweats, insomnia, lethargy and suicidal thoughts hounded me until I broke down and got my fix.  I realize that I am a slave to fb, and I’ve asked for the serenity to change…bla bla bla–

So you can imagine my utter delight when I learned about the movie. Watching the trailer online was like surfing porn for me–I swear, if I was a man, I’d have had a boner! I’ve watched it over and over. the trailer song, “Creep” originally by radiohead, re-done by Scala & Kolacny Brothers, mesmerizes me each time I hear it.

David Fincher’s film tells the story of  facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg (brilliantly played by sandal-clad/hoodie-wearing Jesse Eisenberg), but it is not a movie primarily about all things facebook. Rather, it is a study in human relationships, determination, success, failure and betrayal.  The movie opens with Zuckerberg and his (soon to be ex) girlfriend arguing, her calling him an asshole and breaking up. He rushes back to his dorm room and begins blogging about her fake bra size and what a bitch she is, and at that moment, that wonderful, angry, drunken moment, facebook is born.

Or was it? The movie centers around (more…)