addicted to facebook

addicted to facebook

My name is Jules, and I am (deep breath, pause…) a facebook addict.

All together now–” Hi, Jules!!”

This is so hard for me to admit. I just never thought it could happen to ME! I’ve heard people talk about how great it was, how it freed them of inhibitions, but it never really interested me. Friends had even tried to tempt me with weaker stuff in the past-myspace. I glanced, just a bunch of kids in sexually suggestive poses–not for me, thanks.

But then this past Sunday nite, I got a message in my inbox that “Morgan has invited you to be his friend on facebook.” I clicked. Oh, bad move, Jules. That’s like flicking the BIC-the start of a downward spiral. I soon learned that I couldn’t communicate w/ Morgan unless I joined. So I did. It was so easy. Too easy. Next came adding friends of my own. The info was right at my fingertips, on my address book. “click, click, click.”

I obviously don’t need to go in to great detail here–you’ve probably had a facebook page forever. Was I one of the 756 people on the planet between the age of 7 and 80 that wasn’t on facebook? I seems I was. As soon as i clicked, i began getting emails. ‘so and so confirmed you as a friend…” It got late. I had to go to bed.

I got up next am, poured my coffee, and went to my computer. 7 new confirmations. And on and on. I’ve only been using for 3 days, but I find myself powerless to it’s influence. I had a friend over for dinner last night, and he caught me checking my page when I said I was going to the bathroom! He began preaching to me about people he knows who have lost their jobs for using at work. I covered my ears. “LA LA LA I can’t hear you”. I even called a friend out for misrepresenting himself in his facebook photo! I am beginning to feel like I’m losing control. Already I am obsessing about not getting my fix when I visit my parents for Christmas. They have dial-up, and bad service, at that!

Can anyone relate? Does anyone have any advice to offer me? Cold turkey is NOT an option here.  Are there treatment centers for people like us? I have to go now-I have to go to, uh, the bathroom.