Last night, 2 friends and I cashed in our Groupons for a fun night of painting at  Cocktails and Canvas . The deal was for $10.00 you get to paint the evening’s theme, providing your own adult beverage and snacks, they provide the canvas, paint and equipment.  The theme of last night’s class was “Sailboat at Sea”, and since Stef and I have joined a local sailing club with the dreams of one day sailing off into the wild blue yonder, we decided this was a great way to begin manifesting our future.

The instructor “guides” the class and basically students imitate what she is doing. We were given 4 quite bland colors-brown, black, white and blue.  What???? No yellow?? No Red???

Well, of course I would have none of that, so I solicited the help of the “brush washer” to find me some COLOR, dammit! Ahhhh!! much better!

Have a look at the 3 very different interpretations of one theme.

By the way– Do YOU Groupon??