January 2011

I normally don’t consider myself another “Heloise”, but I feel compelled to share something that my Mom emailed me today.  Mom and I love to turn each other on to advice, cooking tips, recipes, etc.  Sometimes they are not in the least bit useful for one or the other of us, but this is one I will definitely use.  It is actually a variety of ways to use aluminum foil, ideas that would have never crossed my otherwise genius mind  (wink wink).

Here it is! Enjoy and pass it on.  (unfortunately you’ll have to suffer through a 15 second commercial, but it’s worth it!)

5 tips for using aluminum foil

Happy Homemaking,



stand up, yawn, stretch, yawn, lay back down.  sleep awhile and do it all over again.

it’s hard out here for a pup.
when you’re layin’ down and gotta get back up.
first ya stretch and yawn and chew your feet, 
then ya look around ya for a treat.

ya know it’s hard out here for a pup.
when you bark and the neighbor yells shut-up
and ya just can’t catch you a squirrel
and your haircut looks like you’re a girl

ya know it’s hard out here for a pup….


hi hi hi hi hi! chance here. it’s yukky and rainy outside so mommy went to see a movie yesterday. she wanted to take me in her purse but was afraid i’d eat the popcorn she snuck in.  oops—no, just kidding.  really. (sorry, mommy)
she went to see “my dog tulip”, an animated movie directed by sandra and paul fierlinger about the love between a man and his dog. it’s based on a true book written by J.R. Ackerley before mommy was even born, which makes it like, a fossil!

it’s not a movie for children, which is another reason i couldn’t go. it had dog sex and poopie and bad dog behavior in it. none of which i ever do. ever!

the narrator of the movie is voiced by christopher plummer. he plays an old man (like granddaddy’s age) who has never found his “special friend” (the movie hints that he’s gay, but that’s ok, so are lots of mommy’s and my friends) and goes through life lonely. until he adopts this german shepherd, tulip. tulip has lived in a little cage all her life and acts wild and crazy, and the old man can’t control her, but, still, they fall in love with each other.  really. when he takes to to the vet because she scoots on the floor on her butt (i did that once when i had the worms), the vet, voiced by isabella rossallini, tells her tulip’s not the trouble, he is.

Click here to see the trailer
tulip poops on the sidewalks and everywhere, and the man never cleans it up. mommy said that is a problem, because it makes her real mad when she steps in poopie. then he tries to “fix her up” with a good male shepherd dog so she can have purebred puppies, but it never works. the movie is pretty graphic in showing the sex scenes. since i got tutored when mommy rescued me, i don’t really care about that stuff.  it’s dumb.  but tulip wanted it pretty bad, so, finally, the man gave in and let the old “disreputable dirty ragamuffin” from next door get her preggars. 

i’m not gonna give away the whole movie, but i will tell you that it was “computer animation, made by hand, and consisted of 58,320 drawings.    And that is pretty cool.

Some of the reviews say that the movie showed irresponsible behavior by the old man, but, well, he was old. and so is the book. and back in the 50’s, people weren’t as cosse  contc , conscent   they didn’t worry as much about their pets. i mean, he did rescue tulip. and mommy rescued me. so maybe people can just get over the other stuff and just like the movie for what it is. a sweet, touching film about a man and his dog.

love, chance

This week my friend Jen and I went to see The King’s Speech at the Tara Theater.  If you haven’t seen it yet, by all means go! This is a movie about persistence, perseverance and courage. With a good dose of humor thrown in.

Tom Hooper directed this historical drama of Britan’s King George VI and his nearly debilitating speech impediment. Yes, the King had a s        s      sssssss   stamm    er.   A stammer.   Colin Firth gives a stellar performance, portraying Prince Albert (referred to as Bertie) who eventually becomes the King.  He is so human, and you can see the pain and fear in his face when speaking publicly. I found myself sitting on the edge of my chair, silently cheering him on, trying to talk for him. At times, it was painful to watch, but in a good way.

We see Bertie talking to his intimidating father King George V, and the frustration he feels in not being able to properly communicate what he wants to say.  His father ridicules him, pushing him to “just say it”,  and Bertie falls deeper into his own inner turmoil.

Upon the Death of King George V, the heir to the throne is Bertie’s brother Prince Edward (known as David to the family). David is distraught not with his father’s death, but with the complications this will place on his life with his mistress, as he plans to marry her once she divorces her second husband. But Albert cannot retain the throne if he marries a divorced woman, and he accuses Bertie of trying to use this to usurp his position. I wanted to kick David in the nuts when he taunts his brother by stammering “B B B Bertie”

If the old adage “behind every good man is a great wife” is true, they had Bertie’s wife, Queen Elizabeth, in mind. Played by Helena Bonham Carter, she finds Lionel Logue, an unorthodox speech therapist (played by Geoffry Rush)  to help her husband. Unorthodox in that he has his new patient singing  his words and swearing his practice speeches.  (Jenny poked me in the arm when Berti breaks out with “fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck”–that is my favorite word, after all.)  It’s not often we see two men open up so completely to each other. Logue stays tough with Bertie, breaking down the social as well as emotional barriers between the two, eventually becoming life-long confidants and friends. The bond that eventually forms between the two men is heartening to watch. Bertie confides in Logue much of his painful childhood, and it is with Logue that Bertie finds his voice. I think it was this relationship that I most loved in the movie, although, for a historical drama, which I typically shy away from, the relationships were all well-developed and honest.

On the brink of WWII and the abdication of King Edward VIII, Bertie must deliver the most important speech of his life. With only 40 minutes to rehearse, he sends for Logue, who carefully and lovingly sees him through the speech.

I loved this movie and all of the emotions it evoked in me. Anger, pity, frustration, hope and joy. Now that’s a tough mission to accomplish.

I am cheap. I will readily admit that to anyone.  I used to call myself frugal, but my friends laughed at me, so I fessed up.

In a past post, I introduced many of you to Groupon and the likes, and I was so excited to have the chance to share ways to save money. Fast forward a year and a half.  Still excited? Not so much.  Sure, there are some deals to be found (a month of bootcamp for $30, zipline tour for$60,  a painting class for $15), but man, I gotta tell ya, I have been burned on a couple of these “deals”.

For example, I got a Groupon for 50% off at an “upscale” hair salon in Buckhead (read-expensive) and got the absolute worst haircut/highlights of my life! Dude gave me a fucking MULLET!!! And the subtle highlights I asked for?  They turned out GREY!!!! And I don’t even have grey hair (yet). To add salt to the open wound, it still ended up costing me about $150-with the Groupon!!

Another nightmare was a deal 2 of my out-of-town girlfriends and I got for massages and facials at Soothe Massage Studio. (Read my Yelp review here) Endless broken appointments on their part-once no one showed up for my facial…and my girlfriends were denied their second service.   AARGH!

Twice we’ve been to local restaurants that either denied the Groupon of were out of business.

However, this week, my bud Jen and I went to Circus Arts Institute for an hour and a half “play date” on the trapese, tightwire, ropes, etc. It wasn’t nearly what I expected (flying through the air with the greatest of ease…), but nonetheless, it was a fun evening. We laughed at ourselves (and others behind their backs) and had a fun time taking pics of each other. It was a taste of their ongoing classes, and if I wasn’t already involved in hoopdance, bootcamp, volunteering at the library and 2 writers groups, I would consider joining.

All of this said, here is my suggestion for purchasing those deals that appear in your inbox every day. First, look the company up on yelp. com.  See what others have said. Then decide if the “deal” is something that won’t have lasting effects (such as a bad chiropractor, haircut, lazer surgery, botox–those could really screw you up!) Then weigh the $$ you are saving against whether it is something you would want to do in the first place.

I like Scoutmob‘s buy one get one deals, because most of them are free! And downloadable to your iphone. I get a lot of them, end up only using about 1/4 of them, but still, I end up being out no money.

How have you fared in the online coupon-ing deals? I’d love for you to share your stories, both good, bad and ugly!


OHMYDOG! since i’ve been iced-in the last few days, i’ve had time to get on mommy’s computer and “surf the net” as she calls it.
i just watched these funny animals with their funny accents–i am rolling on the floor laughing! have a watch! it’s another funny video from wimp.com!
funny funny ha ha  http://www.wimp.com/animalvoiceovers

oh, what a tangled web we weave...

Recently, as I watched an episode of The View (yes, that is how bored out of my mind I am , being iced-in all week), I watched Ron Howard (he will always be Opie to me) discuss his new movie, The Dilemma. Now, I doubt seriously that I will dish out the dough to see this at the theater, I’ll wait ’til it comes to Redbox.

Anyway, the movie is about 2 best buddies, one married, one getting engaged. The engaged one sees his best friend’s wife cheating on him. That is the dilemma–what to do. It certainly gives one something to chew on, and I’ll bet more than a few readers may have experienced this dilemma in real life. I have. Here’s the scoop–and I’ll preface this by saying this was a long time ago, and probably no one reading this blog has any connection to the people in question.

Long ago, I had a male best friend. I’ll call him Joe. We were close, close friends for decades.  I also had a close female friend, let’s call her Trish. Trish and Joe knew each other, but weren’t really friends. Enter “Barb”.  Now, Barb and I knew each other, but were by no means friends.  Ok, got your cast of characters straight? Good.

Joe and  Barb were seriously dating.  Yay. Good for Joe, he had found love. Then I find out that Barb is having a relationship (not affair, a relationship) with none other than—Trish. (BTW-Trish knows I know)  Follow me?  Yeah. It was a real dilemma.  What to do, what to do? Well, I didn’t do anything.  I didn’t like it, but for some reason that I still question, I just sat on it.

Well, the shit gets deeper. The web gets tangled-er (tangled-er? i like it.) Joe and Barb decide to get married. By now (several years later) I am living in a different state, and don’t see any of the parties on a regular basis. I remain mum. Guilt begins to build, as I have recently gotten married, myself. I question whether I would want to know (yes), and what would be the outcome of my disclosure? (Lost friends on all sides).  Still, I keep my mouth shut.

The marriage happens (I don’t go-I am “conveniently” out of the country), and Joe becomes suspicious of Barb within months. Suspicion confirmed, divorce happens. I am blamed for not telling Joe, (by Joe), blamed for telling Joe (by Trish).  Either way I was screwed, and have forever lost two friendships that meant a lot to me.

So I ask you. Put in the situation above, or even a less complicated one, what would YOU do? And that, my friends, is The Dilemma.


ohmygosh! mommy has been telling me about how wunderful snow is, but until this week, i’ve never actually seen it! (well, i might have seen it in my homeless lifetime, but there was nothing beautiful about it then!)

Here’s a video of me and mommy sledding down the driveway

so, sunday nite when it started snowing reel hard, mommy and diddy were so excited. they took me and my brudder, kizzy, and sissy, roxie, outside to see it. roxie, she’s reel parktik, pertik, she’s doesn’t like  (click on “read more” for more pictures!)

to get her feet wet or cold, so she ran inside. (mommy did manage to get some pics of her before she ran inside, tho. doesn’t she look like a fox”)
but kizzy, well, he’s a tibetan terror, and they have built-in snowshoes, so he’s cool with it. unfortunately, he flat-out refused to get his pikture took, because his hair was a hot mess!
me? i thot it was great fun to try to catch the big fluffy flakes in my mouth, or chase them, but they kept disappearing.
the next morning, everything was white. mommy called it a winter wonderland. and you know what? it was! especially since they can’t get out of the driveway, so they stayed home most of the time (except mommy went to play on her sled with the little kidz in the neighborhood).
when she came back, she took me sledding. ohmygosh! it was so much fun! look at my video and tell me what you think!
i think snow is wunderful now, too!

Yeah, I’ve been spendin’ plenty of time at home this week– Atlanta is at a virtual standstill since we got 5 inches of snow and it’s been 3 days and the roads are still iced over! yikes!!!!

So I’ve been working like mad on my children’s book, gotta send it to an editor by next week- and also surfing the net (especially you-tube) a lot. I came across this video of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros-Home   I just love it!  I’ve been playing it over and over– I especially love the lyric  “Home is wherever I’m with you”  Watch it– Don’t you just LOVE it?????

So… while dancing around in my ‘jammies all day, i came across a link to this video– same song, different artists, and, I gotta tell ya, I think I even like this one better!!! Soooooo sweet!

Ohhhh… i feel soooo happy!!!! gonna dance all day in my jammies and comfy pink slippers!!! gonna drink hot cocoa and eat leftover pie.  gonna snuggle with my puppies and play this song over and over and over!

Pink slippers (and Chance)


when i first came to stay with mommy and diddy, my hair had just been shaved down reeeeel short, and my skin was bright pink. so diddy, trying to be funny (but sooo not) started calling me piglet. it made me and mommy mad, so he finally started calling me my name, chance.
i had one of those stoopid cones on my neck, because i kept biting and scratching myself bloody! and the first 2 dayz, i wouldn’t eat. well, i’d nibble on a little pnut butter, and i would devour napkins, but that’s it. believe me, there can be some pretty choice morsels on a used napkin. i became something of a “napkin connoisseur” in my circle. fast food or pizza napkins-they were mine! starbucks–not so much.

but the best garbage finds are pizza bonz! If I saw a girl eating pizza, I knew to hang around, because for some reason that I will never understand, gils don’t eat their pizza bonz. Pity them, but my bonus!

Here’s a pic of me after I got my cone off. Skin’s still pink, tail nekked, but feeling much, much better!

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