oooohhhh! this weekend was bee-u-ti-ful! sunny and warm, just the kinda day me and roxie and kizzy like to go for long walkies with mommy and diddy. and walk we did! we went to piedmont park and did a big loop, and then we went to quattro cafe and sat outside and had brunch. i love quattro, because they have a doggy watering station and a big jar of doggy treats at the gate. and we can sit inside the gate under the table while mommy and diddy eat. in fact, there were bunches of other doggies there, and we had fun sniffing and sometimes barking.

which brings me to the question… should dogs be allowed inside restaurants?

when mommy and diddy have traveled to europe, they said that people often bring their dogs inside to eat with them. not only that, but those european dogs are very well behaved. that’s right, none of the scurrying around looking for morsels, pulling on their leash to smell every new patron or getting all tangled up in chair (and people) legs. they just lay there, real quiet like.  it’s like they know how they are supposed to behave.
now, personally, in just sitting outside the restaurant (and acting like a little gentleman), i noticed a lot of children running around and yelling and one broke his mommy’s water glass. but they (children) are allowed inside. so why aren’t we??

what are your thoughts on this? do you think we canines (if well mannered) should be given the opportunity to keep our humans company while they dine? please weigh in.  i have a big, juicy bone at steak on this one.