a great big thanks to everyone that contributed towards our pet food drive last week! we collected close to 200 lbs of food and some cash donations, as well. in fact, the director of the save our pets food bank, ann king, stopped by to thank us and to discuss her goals. she is headed to houston, wherever that is, to rally support for a national program to raise awareness of the issue about hungry pets in hungry homes. yay for you, ann!

while mommy was checking out her twitter account, she came across a tweet from “Dawg Blogger” that caught her eye. it’s a book, called “Speaking for Spot” , by Nancy Kay, and it’s a very highly rated book about how to become your dog’s advocate for health and well-being.

i bet you, or someone you know, have had to face difficult decisions regarding the treatment or life of your dog. in fact, when i was still a foster dog (before mommy and diddy became foster failures), i was swimmy-ing at the lake and drank too much water. i became very ill and had a seizure and mommy rushed me to the only emergency clinic open that sunday. they told her i was diabetic and it was all bad news, and how expensive the treatment would be, and how i would basically have a rotten life.
well, mommy took me to her real vet that next day, only to find out i was NOT diabetic, i had water toxicity (which diddy suspected in the first place). so, after spending over $500, we now know to limit and supervise my swimmy times. wish we’d had the book then!
Testimonials for this book are crazy-good, and now mommy has ordered it for us.

have you ever had to make a decision for you dog that troubled you? we’d love to hear your experiences, so please feel free to comment.

until next time, woof!