November 2008

As we sat drinking our coffee this morning, I listened to the familliar voice of one of our resident cardinals outside the kitchen window. He was telling the other birds that I had refilled the feeder, after letting it sit empty for 2 days. (bad, bad Jules!!). As soon as he put out the call, several purple martins and chickadees came to enjoy the bounty. I could watch them all morning, but alas, I myself have to prepare to go and enjoy a feast of my own.

Honeykins and I will make our annnual pilgrimage to Kentucky to visit family and over-indulge on a true southern thanksgiving, complete with deep fried turkey, cornbread dressing and gravy.

I will be giving thanks for many things, among them the fact that I have a wonderful family and many cherished friends. Blessed with good health and life’s comforts, I send out thoughts and good qi to those not so fortunate.  Let the people you care for know that you love them. Do something special for someone who may not have the good fortune that you have.  Share happiness on this day. Share Love.

Share Love

Share Love

So maybe camera-boy wasn’t all that stupid, i dunno, i DO know i’m not buyin’ that upgrade camera he “highly recommended” for $500. 

here’s another pic fromm the party–i decided to go as “filthy rich”–on the far right.

motley crew

motley crew

have y’all SEEN this video? it’s vice-prez reject sarah palin pardoning a turkey, while giving an interview in front of a turkey bloodletting.  “it’s really neat to be here!” she exclaims, sipping on her coffee.

“I was happy to get to be invited to participate in this,” Palin continued. “For one, you need a little bit of levity in this job, especially with so much that has gone on in the last couple of months that has been so political obviously that it’s nice to get out and do something to promote local business and to just participate in something that isn’t so heavy-handed politics that it invites criticism. Certainly we’ll probably invite criticism for even doing this, too, but at least this was fun.”

Happy Turkey Day!

So here we are, me, honeykins and our 2 rescued dogs, nice and cozy by the fire. It’s 32 F. here in Atlanta. I’m wondering about that shepherd i saw chained to a tree yesterday. I’m wondering about all those “outside dogs” that people buy and then don’t properly care for. What i DON’T know is eating me up inside.

For an early christmas present to myself, I became a “guardian angel” at Best Friends Animal Society. They are the organization that was first on the scene following hurricane Katrina. They are who took Michael Vick’s pit bulls and rehabilitated them. They are on a quest for “no more homeless pets”.

So while my family is snuggled by the fire, happy and healthy, I see the new ASPCA commercial. You know the one-you want to turn the channel because Sara Mclaughlin is singing “Angel”, and it shows all these neglected and abused pets and you want to cry, but you sorta want to watch, too. It’s the cold, hard reality for too many animals.

The good news is, you, YES, YOU, can make a difference. This holiday season, make a donation. Give the person that is so hard to buy for a gift with purpose. Make a donation in someone’s name. Whether it’s the ASPCA, Best Friends, or a local shelter, give what you can. There is a life depending on it!

road trip

road trip

Yikes! It’s mid November & I just got my pic’s from halloween back! yeah, my camera quit working the day after Halloween, and i’ve been crazy on my book, so I just sorta blew it off. I finally took it in to the camera shop this weekend. He told me, says, “hmmmm…this doesn’t look good. Nope, not good at all.  how old is this camera? did you drop it?” well, shit.  I do NOT have the $$ to go out and buy a new camera right now–maybe for christmas or something, but, shit!

So camera-boy says to me, says, “do you have your cable to hook it up?” so i start looking in my camera bag, and i find the extra battery that we bought for big trips, and I say, “hmmm, let’s just try something here…” and PRESTO BINGO, camera comes on!

So now I can share some photos with you. Here is Roxie, she was a skunk. 

pee-pee la Pew

pee-pee la Phew

icebergs in Greenland

melting icebergs Greenland






So, I’m in a travel writing class to re-ignite my motivation to continue my book.  Our assignment this week was to plan a holiday for one of the political candidates. First I thought, well, I could send the Obamas to Costa Rica–no, too boring. How about sending McCain to a spa–he looks so tightly wound–no, too common. I need something that will reflect me.  So here’s what I’m handing in.  Whaddya think?

Greenland For Dummies


“Greenland? Oh, that sounds pretty.  What state is that in?”

I had just been commissioned to choose a vacation destination for Sarah Palin, the controversial vice presidential candidate for the republican team. As a democrat who does not share her views, I believe that a trip to Greenland is in order.

Ms. Palin denies the fact of global warming, and is intent on drilling her home state to its core, completely disregarding the fact that the polar bear and other arctic life are fast losing their habitat.  A trip to the “Land of the Midnight Sun” will hopefully help to enlighten the unenlightened.

When told that a naturalist with the National Geographic Society would lead her trip, Palin mused, “Oh, that’s wonderful. Will I be in the magazine? It would be great PR for my 2012 presidential run.”

The naturalist, a specialist in the field of global warming, would spend the first four days of the expedition studying the rate of glacial melt in the northernmost part of the country. Greenland is the foremost example of the effects of the heating of the world’s atmosphere and it is here that one can experience first-hand the devastation of melting ice sheets.

Conrad Steffan, a Glaciologist from the University of Colorado, explained to Palin that the Arctic Council, representing countries with Arctic territory, “has commissioned a report on Greenland’s environmental trends. It is to be completed before the 2009 climate treaty talks in Copenhagen, at which the world’s nations have pledged to settle on a long-term plan for limiting human-caused global warming.”

“Treaty talks?” asked Palin. “I don’t think we want to be involved in those.”

But her expedition to the glaciers will only be one portion of Palin’s adventure. She will also be joining a group of ten other explorers, hiking in South Greenland’s narrow gorges and stark mountains. It is here that one can witness the lush forests and roaring rivers of this remote spot. Peregrine falcons are often observed hunting from their perches high above in the stands of birch trees.

“Hunting? I’m starting to like this trip!” quipped Palin, sporting a wide smile outlined in her now-famous very-berry lipstick.

Yes, Ms. Palin will have the opportunity to hunt reindeer, an age-old Inuit tradition, as well. However, Greenland strictly enforces the law that only boats or dogsleds can be utilized to transport hunters to designated hunting grounds, and only non-automatic rifles are allowed.

“No helicopters?”

No helicopters, planes, or snowmobiles. Hunters may only be propelled by their own two feet.

“Sounds like I’m gonna need a new wardrobe for this trip.”

You betcha. (Wink)


Long ago, in a faraway place and a different life, I was a child and family therapist. I know, from what you know of me you’re probably thinking “What? Her? No way!” But it’s true, I was. I got a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work and returned to my Appalachian roots to “fix” people in in the “hollers” of eastern Kentucky and Tennessee. After about 10 years, I burned-out  big time, and said goodbye to the therapy life.

Now, along comes Lisa Kudrow, former funniest actor on Friends, with Web Therapy.  (skip the intro.) It’s a  webcam narrative that is co produced, co-written, and starring Kudrow as the self-absorbed, incompetent Dr. Fiona Wallace. She says things to her clients(from the saftey of a web camera) that I often wished I could have said, and given that the sessions are only 3-minutes long, can pretty much tune out at will. Her expressions are priceless. Check it out.  I think it is hysterical. What do you think?

Web Therapy

Web Therapy

It’s finally “sweater weather” here in the South, and we are loving it!  The leaves are changing and there’s a chill in the air. Time to make soups and chili. And time to get your garlic in the ground. WHAAATTTT???? You’ve never planted garlic? Well, shame on you! It’s easy as pie and sure is special in the late spring when you pull it up, mix it up with your homegrown basil and tomatoes and make a big old batch of pesto. YUM!

Just go and buy a head or two (or more) of garlic, (organic, preferably) and plant it about 2 or 3 inches deep in well-amended soil in full sun. Place the pointy tip up. Cover with good soil and mulch.  Come late spring/early summer, the tops (green growth kinda like a scallion top) will start to turn yellow and wilt.  when it is 3/4 yellow, pull it up and you’ve got homegrown garlic.

Make sure you water it like you would other flowers or shrubs, and place an organic fertilizer on it in the early spring.  If you live in the deep south, plant in jan. or Feb.  If you live up north, you’re too late. Bummer!

I’ve been holding my breath since my last post, afraid to allow myself to breathe too deeply. trying to take my mind away from the most important issue of the days, the weeks, the months. Actually for the last 8 years, in November of 2000, when honeykins and i were sitting on a sailboat in the middle of the carribean, trying to figure out, along with the rest of the world, who our president elect was. As the news waivered between gore (yeah) and bush (boo hiss), so did our spirits. That’s when the smooth sailing became rough water, and we wanted so badly to just bail out.

But we didn’t bail, we held our course, we voted when we could and did the small things that would calm the waters in our own lives.  And now, today, 8 LOOOONNNNGGGGG years later, the fruits of our efforts and of like-minded strangers and friends that share our vision, have made the change we’ve been holding our breath for.

So now we surface–and we breathe deeply the fresh air that today brings.  We will rise to the occasion to get our once-great country back on track. It’s time to raise our sails and leave behind the stormy seas that have rocked our boat for too damn long. I’m ready.


Yes, WE DID!!!!!

Yes, WE DID!!!!!