I just wanted  to share a video message with you today.

I saw this video on Youtube, and in welcoming in 2010, it fits  perfectly with my dream board blog that I wrote about in January.  I believe that energy follows thought, and the law of attraction is a very real phenomenom.  I hope you will spare 5 minutes of your time to watch this message.

As the video says, ” the great unknown is your paradise.”


My Dream Board 2008/2009

Late in 2008, I started a dream board. If you’re not sure what a dreamboard (also called vision board) is, it is a place, either material (like a big piece of poster board), or a computer generated document, where you state your dreams, goals, ideas. It is like writing out your goals in life, except that looking at pictures evokes more emotion, allowing you to really envision your goal. You can add or remove at your will.  You can also add affirmations for yourself.  The premise is that if you look at this “list” every day,twice a day for 5 minutes at a time, the laws of attraction will bring it to you.  

Here is a good site to help get you started. (click here)

Sounds a little to elementary, doesn’t it? Well, let me tell you, I am now a firm believer! Many of the goals that I placed on my board became reality in 2009.  (One that didn’t, a big one, was to go to Hollywood and win 1 million bucks in “Million Dollar Password“).  Oprah is a huge believer, and had a show about it recently. Here is Oprah’s site for building one online.

Anyway, with the new year here, I’m making my bigger, newer, better dreamboard. I’lll be making it on a great big yellow posterboard and i’ll put it in my office to look at daily. I know that many of my goals will become reality in 2010.  Go ahead. Try it. It certainly can’t hurt, and at the very least you’ll have your goals out there. Keep it private or show the world–be creative and DREAM BIG!!!!

And if you’d like to share, let me know a thing or two of what’s on YOUR dreamboard!

Happy 2010!!!!