Way Cool!

I don’t know who originally made this beautiful art, but I LOVE it!!! If you stare at it, it will take you away. I have this, and other super-cool photography (not mine) on my Pinterest site at http://pinterest.com/julesfredrick/

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Here are some photos from our trip to Bhutan for my 50th birthday.
This old man welcomed us top Bhutan with candy and gold strings to wrap around our wrists for luck while traveling in his country.

One of many Phallic symbols that adorns houses in Bhutan

One of the thousands of stray dogs

Our accommodations in Bhutan
bathing in a horse trough. Hey, after 10 days, who’s complaining??
Tigers Nest Monastery No words to describe it.

This picture was taken during our sailing trip in the San Juan Islands. Can you come up with a catchy caption?