Here it is. 2011. The start of a new year, a new decade. I realize that 2011 “officially” began at midnight Friday, but when the new year falls on a weekend, it is difficult for me to focus on the new when I’m busy clearing out the old. You know, taking down the tree, throwing our the paper, boxes, aaccumulated holiday stuff and setting the house back in order.

Fast forward to today-Monday. Today is the start of my new year. And every year, for the past several years, it is my custom to choose a word that will be my word for the year. (click on the highlighted link to see previous year’s words)  A word that I can come back to when I need to focus on my path, my goals, my journey. Hmmmmm…. What will that word be??

While bushing my teeth this morning, my eyes glanced over a card that I keep on my bathroom mirror. The card has been on the mirror for over a year now, and it has become one of those daily reminders that you see, but often, in your rush of daily life, don’t really focus on. The card came from a deck of  “The Teachings of Abraham (Hicks) Well-Being Cards”.

On a “girlfriend getaway” in Sedona, Arizona a while back, it was our morning practice to pull a random card from the deck and let this card be our guide for that day.  The card I pulled is the one I have kept, because it is exactly what I try to apply to my everyday life. Keyword here is TRY.  Here is the card-front and back.

Teachings of Abraham

The moment I read my card, I knew that the laws of attraction had drawn me to that card. It sums up what I have been struggling with for much of my life. I have goals. Many, many goals. And in trying to work on one, such as editing my current project, I so easily become distracted and find myself consumed with a completely different project or idea.

In writing dialog for my book, I begin looking into airfares for a new travel destination.  Hmmmm… wonder what the weather in Vancouver is right now…Ohhh, Roxie has a tangle on her tail. I wonder if I can google a recipe for vegetairian curry? Do we have milk and bread?

I believe it is especially difficult for women to find-and keep- focus, with the ongoing responsibilities of life continuously swirling around in our heads.  We are, after all, the primary caregivers of the children, pets, chores, household and friends.  It often seems that in all the giving and doing what is expected, even demanded of us, we deny ourselves the right to focus on our OWN needs.  For me, what I need to do is FOCUS my attention on what I want without feeling guilty or selfish.  That’s gonna be a little tough, but in order to be my best, that’s what’s got to happen.

So focus is my word for 2011. It was staring me in the face every day, but I just didn’t focus on it!  What is your word? Please think about it and share on my blog. Feel free to come back and tell me what you think.

Happy New Year to all!