WOW! i am honored to have received the “Versatile Blogger Award”! It was bestowed upon my by Justramblin. Go check out her blog!

There are a few rules to follow after getting this award, including telling my readers 7 random facts about myself. ¬†OK, here goes…

  1. i have been “not employed” for 4 times longer than i’ve been (gainfully) employed.
  2. i like most dogs more than i like most people
  3. i’m a natural blonde
  4. i am obsessed with travel and spend part of every day planning a trip.
  5. i sleep with 3 dogs on my bed (plus a husband)
  6. i sing and talk to myself constantly
  7. i am very much a slob
ok, there you have it. now it’s my turn to pass the award along to: