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A couple of weeks ago, my friend Ken, who was visiting us in Vancouver with his partner Terry, asked,  “My God, does anybody here have a job?”   The beaches were packed with people young and old, playing volleyball, frisbee,  swimming in the surf or just hanging out on a blanket in the shade.  It was a Thursday, mid-afternoon. 

This morning I took the pups to the beach near UBC for a romp at a typically deserted stretch of beach.  I looked forward to letting them run to their heart’s content without fear of other dogs/people distracting them.  WRONG! When we got to the beach, it was packed with sunbathers, dogs, kids.  Hmmmmmm–Ken had a point–I don’t think anybody here has a job…

Oh, yeah.  Just remebered.  (more…)


HK and i have houseguests this week, our friends Ken and Terry from the ‘hood in Atlanta. Yesterday the boys and i rode bikes out to UBC to tour the campus and go to the beach there.

We rode through beautiful Jericho beach and dog-friendly Spanish Banks beach along the way. here’s a pic of me.  ken shoulda told me to take my helmet off–it looks so goofy!

me at jericho beach

me at jericho beach

One of the women we’re renting the house from loaned me her bike and helmet–that was soooo cool! her bike is a beach cruiser, with just the one speed and pedal brakes.  it was sooooooo hard climbing up the hills on that bike, the boys had 5-speeds, so they pretty much kicked my ass going uphill.

wreck beach

wreck beach

It’s downhill all the way to Wreck beach.  Lots and lots of wooden stairs lead down to a wide, sandy beach where about 85% of the thousand people there were all-over tanned and bare-ass naked.  It’s Vancouver’s largest “clothing optional” beach, and was full of (more…)


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