Last year, I posted a blog asking “what is your word for 2009?” I got a lot of great responses, both on the blog and on my facebook page.  If you were a reader then, you saw that my word was “spirit“. I liked the word, its meaning and the inspiration it conjured up inside of me. Of course, last year was a milestone for me, it brought my 50th birthday and lots of inner revelations. (some good, some not-so-good).

So now, for 2010, the start of not just another year but another decade, I’ve decided to make my word “outside“. For me, the word outside conjures up many thoughts.  First and foremost is nature, be it a a city park, my urban patio, the beach or the mountains. Ever since I was a little tomboy growing up in rural eastern Kentucky, surrounded by the Appalachian mountains, I was happiest when I was (more…)

2008 is over. I know, it was officially over on Thursday, Jan. 1, but our weekend was spent taking down holiday decorations, putting stuff away, and generally just cleaning up.  That, to me, signifies more of an ending than a beginning.  Closure. So yesterday, Monday, Jan. 5th, I actually felt like a new year had begun, and I am feeling optimistic about the possibilities that 2009 has to offer.

Last year was tough. It started with an eight-month battle with chronic pain from arthritis (that had been mis-or-differently diagnosed four times). After months of alternative and standard methods of treatment , including weekly self-injections, accupuncture, accupressure, t’ai chi and physical therapy, the pain finally was controlled and most of my mobility returned.

An old friend died suddenly and tragically, and I attended my first true funeral (death overwhelms me).   Also in 2008, I began writing seriously and regularly, only to get frustrated with editors that didn’t feel that my work was as brilliant as i felt it was, (really, a lot of it was genius–they’ll see), and, due to a years-long drought, our little vacation cottage on the lake became an eyesore mired in the muck of what was once Lake Lanier.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not like, all, “oh, poor me, my life sucks”, but it had it’s tough times.

So yesterday, MY new year, I woke up on the right side of the bed, did a big ole t’ai chi stretch, and welcomed- in 2009. This year is a BIG one for me, one that i’m gonna remember for the many gifts it brings. I haven’t made any new year’s resolutions, just revelations. And plans. Big plans.  We’re spending the summer in Vancouver (my favorite city-so far), and also planning to reunite with old  friends from around the country.  For my (big) birthday, we’re going trekking in Bhutan for 3 weeks. Throughout these adventures, I hope to realize more of my spirituality.  But I don’t mean spirituality in a religious sense.   By spirituality, I am referring to what is inside of me that makes me a stronger, better, more inquisitive and accepting being.  I want to grasp inner peace and let go of what it is that holds me back. And I will and employ that power of the spirit to propell me forward into living my best life yet. 

So this year, I am casting out any negative energy, (WHOOOSSSHHH),  opening my arms to new possibilities, and adopting the word “SPIRIT” as “my” word for 2009.

SPIRIT–the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul; Enthusiasm; Life Force.

That’s it. Happy New Year!  I’d love  you to leave a reply and share with me your word for 2009.