Anyone who knows me knows that I am frugal. Some even call it cheap.  OK, I’ll admit to that. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want to save a buck when possible? So I’ve put together a handy-dandy list of ways to save money on your next camping (or other) trip. (more…)

Hey all my fellow frugal followers!   Has the economy got you in a pinch? Unless you’ve vowed to cook all your own meals, not shop for goods and services an only watch cable TV, I think you’ll find some handy-dandy ways to save money here.

Food:  Do you know about It’s where you find deals to “Eat. Drink. Save money.” With deals from 50-80% off your bill, it’s hard to go wrong. has deals all over the country, so if you are planning (more…)

Get your Groupon!

Get your Groupon!

While killing time on facebook recently, I came across one of those little ads on the right-hand side of the page-you know, the advertisements that are geared toward any interest that advertisers have found through some high-tech method of scavenging your email or fb page.

The ad was for “Groupon“, a new, and, in my opinion, briliant way of drumming-up business in an otherwise shit ecomony.  The premise is that if you are interested in the daily deal (delevered to your inbox), you can sign-up, and if enough people are interested, everybody wins.

For example, yesterday, my first day of being a “groupie”, the deal was for $40 worth of food for $20 at Feast, a Decatur restaurant that we enjoy. They needed 120 people to sign up, and by 11:am, had about 200. So I got the coupon (again delevered to my inbox).

The beauty of this is (more…)