I just need to write and vent about my sadness over the weekend murders of Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother. (And, at the time of this blog, possibly her nephew). Senseless deaths, a “domestic dispute”, they called it. My heart goes out to the beautiful and talented young woman who many of us watched grow and blossom on American Idol. Whose voice and acting skills endeared us to her, yet all the while she remained the girl next door. Innocent, humble, closely connected to family.

When i first heard the news, i was so sad for Jennifer and her family. Yet over the course of 2 days, i find myself becoming more and more angry. Murder in this country has become almost commonplace. Every day i read the local newspaper or turn on the news and there has been another killing. It just seems to be the answer to conflict resolution for many in our screwed up society–and the problem continues.  Convicted felons of violent crimes are allowed to move freely about the country, with easy access to guns, drugs and other violent felons. Where is the outrage? When do we say “enough”?

I don’t know the answers. I do know, however, that when we turn on the evening news and watch yet another story of a senseless murder, shake our heads and “tsk-tsk” another death, when we become nearly immune to the problems that have become so, well, so not surprising in this country, then it’s time we take a good, hard look inside ourselves as well as out.

I do know that there is one step i can make–i can vote my conscience, vote to have more and tighter gun control. Its a tiny step, i know, but at times like this it’s the one thing i have. In the meantime, please take a minute to say a little prayer to whoever it is you pray to for the family of Jennifer Hudson.