There’s  just nothing like getting together with fiends  friends for some holiday cheer! Jingle Bells, y’all!

A few nights ago, HK and I were chillaxin’ by the fire when the doorbell rang.

“Hmmmm… wonder who that could be??”

As we walked to the door, we heard music. Intrigued, we opened the door. To our surprise, there stood our good friends Stef and Glenn. Guitar and tambourine in hands, they were belting out Christmas tunes while playing their respective instruments.  We immediately joined  them on the porch and sang a few more songs before inviting them in for a drink.

As the evening progressed, and after champagne-ginger cocktails, we decided to record ourselves singing a Christmas carol for YOU!  So sit back and enjoy.  And we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!