Well, unless you live in a cave, you’ve no doubt seen the video of  Larry Platt, a 62 year-old dude here in Atlanta that got into American Idol for an audition.

I am a super-fan of American Idol, but typically don’t start watching until they are in hollywood and the top 20 are chosen. Fortunately for me, I was bored last wednesday, and, since I live in Atlanta and all, figured I’d see what kind of talent the ATL was cranking out this year.

So, anyway, here is the video. I bet I’ve watched this about 20 times already. This guy Larry and I both share, along w/ countless others, no doubt, a real distaste for these guys that walk around here with their drawers hangin’ off their asses, down to their knees. So Larry wrote a little rap about it.

Simon Cowell (yummers!!) predicted correctly that this song would fast become a hit, and boy-oh-boy, it has! He ( Larry) is gonna be on the View monday.

So Jimmy Fallon (Saturday Night Live) has put his very own Neil Young spin on the song.  (It was posted on Youtube and NBC had it blocked) 

I am still laughing my ass off over this one!  Click here and enjoy!!!