Well, peeps, after fostering this latest little guy for 2 months and falling head over heels, I’ve decided to keep Chance. I was determined to find his perfect “forever home”, but that just never happened. Every time I got a request for more info about him, or received an application, my heart would speed up and I’d start sweating. (OK, there are for sure some hot flashes mixed in there, but, you know what I’m sayin’…)

I did take him to a Petsmart adoption event, held on behalf of the awesome rescue group I volunteer with-Animal Action Rescue-check them out!–but every time I put him in the crate, he cried and barked and became just a big distraction. Then, on the few occasions that anybody actually picked him up, I just wanted to tell them what an awful little dog he was. He’s not, of course, but surely that would turn them away.

So after countless hours of discussions with self, I realized that continuing to bring strange, temporary dogs into my household was not emotionally healthy for my 12-year old dog Kismet. Nothing to do with me, Nope.  Nada.  (yeah, right).

So I started “grooming” him to be our dog. I took him to the lake, where he promptly fell in twice and nearly drowned.  HK had to jump in in his clothes once to fish him out from under the dock.  So he got this little orange life jacket, and now, 2 weeks later, we can’t keep him OUT of the lake! Hope you enjoy his little video, along w/ Kismet and Roxie-his new siblings.

I’ll continue to be active in animal rescue. I have volunteered to transport dogs (see pup my ride ) and make donations as well as pet food drives, but now I know that I am just not cut out for fostering. (At least not right now).

Oh, did I mention that “Good Dogs Doing Good”, the book that I have a story published in, is doing very well? Check it out! WOOF!


As many of you know, I have recently joined the ranks of  “doggy foster moms”.  I did this because although I donate to certain rescue groups, (Best Friends Animal Society mostly), I felt the need to become more hand’s on.

Since I am a facebook junkie, I “like” or “join” lots of different rescue organizations online. I was deeply bothered by the sheer numbers of pets that were on death row for some reason. Stray, throw away, puppy-mill rescue..whatever. the entries read something along the lines of “this is rover. His owner decided that he was too big, so he took him to the kill shelter. Please help us get him out before tomorrow or he gets the gas chamber.”

Well, they can’t get a dog out unless it has a foster home (at least) to go to. That’s where I come in.

So, my first foster several months ago was a little minute of a dog I called JoJo. He was young, energetic, adorable and VERY distrusting. He was also a total mess, and chewed absolutely everything he could get his sharp little teeth on!  Within a week he warmed up and decided that I had his back, and lo and behold, I became attached.

JoJo likes beer boxes

I was sure I was heading down “Foster Failure” lane, but then a good friend in Tennessee saw his picture on my facebook page and then I hooked them up on SKYPE and that was history. When I made the “hand-off”, I (more…)

As most of you know, I am a dyed-in-the-wool sucker for dogs.  I am also an advocate for pet adoption (all of mine have been adopted) . Well, I am on a couple of rescue groups email lists and saw a notice about this little scruff-ball of a dog that had been a stray and turned in to a kill-shelter. It needed a foster home quickly, and not wanting to think about this little guy not getting a fair shake, I stepped-up to the plate and volunteered.


A skittish little guy, jojo (he just looks like a jojo) was extremely timid. He was very thin, quiet and reserved. He sat in my lap on the entire drive home, staring at me with these big, brown eyes.  I was smitten.

After an initial introduction to Kismet and Roxie, I let him out of his kennel. Within 2 hours, this little 10-lb ball of energy had every toy in our house scattered everywhere.  I watched him as he ran in circles around the rugs, skidded on the hardwoods, and jumped on my lap.  That,  my first foray into this whole rescue thing, was deeming me a “foster failure” (when you keep the dog instead of adopting it out).

I posted his picture on facebook, and all who know me told me in so many words that I was toast. Except HK. Always the sensible one, he reminded me of our frequent travel, as well as the cost of boarding our other 2 dogs, much less the added $$ of another.

Fortunately, within a couple of hours, an old friend, (who i trust), called me on the phone and said that she wanted to meet and probably adopt jojo. In all honesty, I was saddened, but relieved to know that he would go to a home where I knew he could flourish. We did a skype call, and she “met” him, fell in love, and will pick him up next week, once all the adoption papers are in order. So I get a few more days with the little guy, then my home opens up to save the life of another dog in need.

Have you ever fostered a pet? What was the outcome? Are you a ” foster failure”? I’d love to hear your stories.