Glacier at Joffre Lakes Provincial. Park, BC

While traveling through British Columbia, HK and I camped at Birkenhead Lake, a remote, pristine Provincial Park located about two hours north of Whistler . As we were setting up the pup-up, the park ranger told us there were bears in the campground right now, to watch out for Chance. We kept him on a pretty short leash those couple of days.

Birkenhead Lake Campground

While there, we took a long, strenuous hike through a boulder and scree-field-the result of an avalanche- to Joffre Lakes. Beginning the hike, a fine but steady mist fell on the already saturated ground, making the going slippery and a bit unnerving. Chance went along, but HK had to carry him on the boulder walk.  Roxy and Kismet couldn’t join us due to foot injuries). We passed a few brave souls on the hike, each commenting on what a trooper our little dog was. Chance loves to hike, and pulled his leash and encouraged us every step of the way.

As we climbed and scrambled to seemingly non-stop rocks and mud, the cloud cover dissipated, offering a beautiful vista of the glaciers looming just beyond the lakes.

Joffre Lake

Have you traveled to rural parts of British Columbia? We’d love to see your pictures!

While HK and I were in Vancouver this summer, we took the ferry over to Vancouver Island, then drove our car to the far west of the island, to Tofino.  We had a 3-day weekend, since HK’s company had given it’s employees an extra day for the 4th of July holiday. 

view from our patio in Tofino

view from our patio in Tofino

Of course, Canadians don’t celebrate the American Independence Day, but we had just celebrated Canada Day in Vancouver on July 1st, so we were getting 2 holidays in one week. How lucky was that ??  It got better.  As we relaxed on our lounge chairs, watching (more…)