Well, peeps, after fostering this latest little guy for 2 months and falling head over heels, I’ve decided to keep Chance. I was determined to find his perfect “forever home”, but that just never happened. Every time I got a request for more info about him, or received an application, my heart would speed up and I’d start sweating. (OK, there are for sure some hot flashes mixed in there, but, you know what I’m sayin’…)

I did take him to a Petsmart adoption event, held on behalf of the awesome rescue group I volunteer with-Animal Action Rescue-check them out!–but every time I put him in the crate, he cried and barked and became just a big distraction. Then, on the few occasions that anybody actually picked him up, I just wanted to tell them what an awful little dog he was. He’s not, of course, but surely that would turn them away.

So after countless hours of discussions with self, I realized that continuing to bring strange, temporary dogs into my household was not emotionally healthy for my 12-year old dog Kismet. Nothing to do with me, Nope.  Nada.  (yeah, right).

So I started “grooming” him to be our dog. I took him to the lake, where he promptly fell in twice and nearly drowned.  HK had to jump in in his clothes once to fish him out from under the dock.  So he got this little orange life jacket, and now, 2 weeks later, we can’t keep him OUT of the lake! Hope you enjoy his little video, along w/ Kismet and Roxie-his new siblings.

I’ll continue to be active in animal rescue. I have volunteered to transport dogs (see pup my ride ) and make donations as well as pet food drives, but now I know that I am just not cut out for fostering. (At least not right now).

Oh, did I mention that “Good Dogs Doing Good”, the book that I have a story published in, is doing very well? Check it out! WOOF!

A Dog Named Chrstmas


Wow! it’s December, Thanksgiving is behind us, shoppers are out full-throttle, trees are getting decorated, the classic Christmas shows are on TV and all is good.  Well, not ALL is good. 

Did you know that each year somewhere between 6-8 million animals enter shelters?  Half of those are euthanised. That is 3-4 million pets that will  unnecessarily be put to death because they have been thrown away, surrendered, lost, or, due to lax spay/neuter laws, multiplied to exhorbatant numbers.  This is unacceptable in my book! 

Friends and regular readers of this blog know that I am an advocate for homeless animals. This week I watched a Hallmark Hall of Fame book-turned-TV movie  “A Dog Named Christmas“. You may have seen it advertized. A sweet tale of a family with a mentally challenged  son who hears about an “Adopt a Dog for Christmas” program at the local animal shelter. He adopts an older lab, and brings media attention to all of the area’s shelter dogs in need of a temporary foster home just for Christmas, while the staff is away and the dogs will be left alone or minimally cared for. The deal is that they can bring it back on Dec. 26.  

The Shelter Pet project


At the end of the movie, the author of the book, Greg Kincaid, makes a public appeal on behalf of animal shelters across the country.  Foster a homeless pet for Christmas.  And guess what?? Over 2000 animal shelters and rescue groups have agreed to participate.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  this idea! Why not share a few days with an amimal in need who may never have known the joy of having it’s own person that loves him, feeds him and keeps him warm? Even if you don’t keep the pet, (and bets are you will), you have shown him a little ray of light and goodness. 

HK, Kismet, Roxie and I will be driving 10 hours each way to celebrate the holidays with my parents (and their rescued dog, Tessa). It won’t be possible for us to foster a christmas dog this year. But I will do my part  in other ways; dog food drives, donations and standing tall and proud on my soapbox to encourage others to do what they can to spread some joy to a deserving, innocent, homeless pet.