As mentioned in my previous post, there was some plank-walking during our BVI sailing trip. Yes, we were overtaken by a Pirate on the high seas. Here’s how it went down…

Following a long and turbulent sail to the  island of Anegada, we caught a local taxi to Loblolly Bay and the Big Bamboo Restaurant and Bar. While noshing on a bit of conch stew,

Conch Stew

the local goat stopped by to say hello. Now, this was no ordinary goat. This goat was a  “spy goat”  equipped with a spy camera and trained to infiltrate unsuspecting rich American tourists.

Adam, the spy-goat

Unbeknownst to us, “Adam”  the goat was covertly gathering information regarding the loot we had stashed aboard our boat.  Equipped with the necessary information, he would report back to his human partners in crime, and the pirates planned their attack.

Adam, in cahoots with the Pirates

Following a lovely, (and unsuspecting) day at the beach, the 4 of us dined at Potters By the Sea, imbibing on 3-lb lobster dinners and rum punch.

Following a night of merrymaking and dancing on the beach, we retired to our boat.

Early the next morning, we were awakened by the squawks of Chip, the seagull that had accompanied us on most of our voyage. He was upset at looks of the approaching boat. Chip, you see, is familiar with these waters, and has learned to protect those that feed him. (That would be us.)

The next thing we knew, our boat had been commandeered by a lone but brazen one-eyed pirate. She sported a hook in place of the arm she had lost during a previous mutiny, and showed no mercy on our crew.

What happened next was ugly, my friends.  Very, very ugly. It is still difficult to talk about, so I will show you in pictures and video. (Make sure to watch to the end of the video BELOW for out-takes.)

Off with her head!