HK andI are hikers. Avid hikers.  We used to be avider (is that a word?) hikers, but time has slowed us down a touch. Plus the fact that we don’t like driving too far to get in a “quick” 6-10 miles. Fortunately, there are many, many options in Vancouver proper that perfectly fit the bill.

Stanley Park is an obvious choice. It is 10% larger than Central Park in NYC, and a 5 mile seawall is the perfect length for a walk or run. Plus there are interior trails to explore, along w/ beaches and cafe’s. HK and i rented bikes one day and spent the better part of a day riding all around Vancouver’s sea wall and the park.

Love the houseboat!

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Urban hiking is the best way to learn a city, and HK and I did a lot of them! from yaletown to Faalse Creek to Chinatown to Gastown, we hoofed it everywhere! We made a point to park our vehicle and walk wherever possible, stopping to browse menus or for a quick photo-op, we still made it a workout.

Pacific Spirit park, located near UBC, is a fantastic place to spend the day, and we logged about 8 miles hiking various paths through rainforest, university property and bogs. the trails are fairly easy to follow, and there are many to choose from and combine, making for a quick trip or long and scenic day. The pups joined us, and had a blast!

Walking the beaches, is, natch, a perfect way to log some mileage, as is checking out the different neighborhoods inland.

All in all, it’s easy-breezy to get in a good hike anywhere you go in Vancouver.

Hiking in Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver

more water, diddy!