Happy March! There is something about this month that signals Spring to me. Here in Atlanta, March seems to burst forth with blooms (and pollen) and Lenten Roses,  redbuds, daffodils, (pollen) and cherry blossoms. Oh, and did I mention pollen? It is also my Dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

With the rebirth of so much life, so much color and so much warmth, March seems like the perfect time to start something fresh. Over at one of the blogs I follow, Three Cats on a Sofa, Susan has declared that march be “no more excuses month” for anyone who wishes to participate. Ohhhhhhh!  I just  love a challenge, and the timing is perfect, because at my writers conference this past weekend, I told myself, “self, you need to get off your ass and work on your children’s stories!” I write everyday. I do. Between 2 blogs (this one and a second chance), my Examiner site and my Bellaonline site, plus facebook (of which I am an addict) and emails, i write all day long.  And yet, somehow, I find myself, at the end of the day, having not written a thing toward my biggest goal, my children’s books. So, here goes nothing! NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!

Are you interested in taking part with us and challenging yourself to make “no more excuses” in March? If so, what are you going to work on?  Please share in a comment and let’s see how many people we can get to join this great challenge.