I have a friend who lately has been extremely frustrated at work.  He is in a high tech job and makes fair money, but his discontentment has pretty much consumed him for the last, say, year or so.

Every time we get together, he “reminds” me of how much he hates his job. “I hate my job”, has become his mantra. It is obvious not only to me and his wife, but to others around him, as well. The negative energy surrounds him like pigpen’s dust bunnies.

“So quit”, I tell him. Life’s too short to hate what you do, and I firmly believe that if you hate what you do, you have to, at least on some level, hate who you are.

“I’ve spent the last 30 years in this field, I don’t know what else I can do,” he counters.

So, every time I see him, nothing has changed.

Right after high school, I made up my mind that I would go into Clinical Social Work and heal the world. I loved it for the first several years, but quickly became disillusioned. It was time to make a change.  So I asked myself, self, what do you enjoy doing more than anything?  The answer to that was easy- travel!

So off I went, back to college in my mis 30’s, to get a degree in travel and tourism, which was my job for another good 10 years.

But I digress. My friend is still in the job he hates and the field he has lost interest in.  I’ve discussed this with a few of my enlightened friends, and we all agree that by holding and giving power to all that negative energy, you create a negative existence.  People have lots and lots of names for this – intention, manifestation, The Secret and The laws of attraction.

I’m not going to go all psycho-babble on you here, you can find out anything about all of these theories on the links above of online. I know that I am a believer in the power of positive thinking, and will push toward my goal with my dreamboard, meditation and just plain talking about it. It is proven that you bring into your life what you think about, positive or negative.

So have you ever come to a dead-end in an aspect of your life? If so, how did you handle it? Please share, I’d love to hear from you.