Busted! Damn!

So, you may know by now that I rescued a little doggy that I named Chance about 2 months ago.  He has been a delight, for the most part.  After he was cured of his skin infection and his hair grew back he finally looks like he is supposed to–a fluffy little furball.

In the past, I have always had large or medium sized dogs. 25-30 pounds was as small as I went. No real reason, that’s just usually what I ended up rescuing (all of my dogs have been rescues).  So I get this little 10-lb. pup, and he never ceases to crack me up with his antics.  If I leave the house, he jumps on the kitchen table to watch until I am out of sight.  Then he runs from room to room to check my whereabouts, and waits at the last place he saw me until I return, repeating the ritual in reverse.

As you see in the previos post about Chance, he loves to swim. he also has a drinking problem. Let me explain.  While he is swimming, Chance takes huge gulps of water consistently. Seriously, he consumes gallons. So last weekend, after a fun day at the lake, Chance began acting weird.  He threw up a ton of the lake, then started staggering around and fell down.  He couldn’t lift his head or control his bodily functions.  I rushed him to an emergency clinic to the tune of $500, where he was diagnosed with diabetes. (which I found out the next day was a false diagnosis–another $100.)  He is fine now, they just said it was water toxicity. No more gulping, we’ll have to figure out a way to control his drinking. (any ideas are welcome here.)

So, this morning I found him eating something outside. It was bright red, I actually thought he was eating a ball.  Turns out, it was one of the neighbor’s heirloom tomatoes.  Yep, Chance and a very crafty squirrel are in cahoots. The way I figure it is, the squirrel goes into the neighbor’s garden, picks the ripest, biggest, most prized tomato, and rips it off the vine.  He has his one or two bites, chucks it over on our side of the fence where Chance eagerly devours the remaining fruit.

A dog's version of flipping you off!

The neighbor, Barb, has been complaining that her tomatoes are disappearing, and we, naturally, blame the pesky rodent.  HA! Well, today, Chance got BUSTED—big Time.  Good thing IYum! I LOVE tomatos! had my camera close by!