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I was over at my friend Bern’s blog today, and was intrigued by her account of seeing a guy in a t-shirt that read simply “I am awesome”.   The guy seemed like your average Joe, but a soul brave and proud enough to sport his feelings on his chest (or back–not sure about that).

Anyway, as I read her post I was in total agreement, that I love that shirt! How cool is it that a person can be self assured enough not to care what others thought about his wearing it–I think that some people with low self esteem may like to think that guy is an asshole, or conceited, or whatever…

That prompted me to think about how, not so many years ago, I would never have even remotely considered myself an awesome person, much less wear such a statement!  Low self-esteem has followed me around like a hungry mutt for most of my life.  At times I’ve tossed it a bone to get some relief, but it always came back, nipping at my heels.

What is it that gives a person the confidence to feel awesome?  Are most people born with it? Is it something that is nurtured into young children? Or is it something that we learn, through trial and error, in our adult lives?

Since turning 50 last year, I made a pact with myself. I decided to put myself out there and risk embarrassment or worse-rejection-in order to fulfill some voids in my life. As my regular readers know, and are probably sick to death of hearing from me, I joined facebook and began the process of re-connecting.

In addition, I decided to step up my efforts in helping homeless animals and becoming more available to those in need-both friends and strangers alike.  Now, I am well aware of my personal shortcomings , but the benefits that I have received from deciding to be a great person finally outweigh the flaws.

I find myself waking up in the mornings and telling myself, self, you are an awesome person! It is my intention to to be a good person and do good things that has brought, after many, many years of self-doubt, the belief, the real, true belief, that I AM AWESOME!

Do you believe that you are an awesome person? Have you always believed that, or has something in your life changed to make you accept that?  And if you don’t think you are awesome, what will it take to get you there? I would love to hear your thoughts on your own, personal awesomeness.