so,  my old Harlan peeps just left, after a 5-day visit. unfortunately, my camera wasn’t working, so i am at the mercy of them to send photos that i can post. i am posting one from last year’s reunion. (the girl on the far right was not here.)

i can tell you, however, that it was a most awesome time of friendship and bonding.  the funny thing is that we really didn’t do anything.  we mostly hung out on one of the porches and talked and laughed, listened to music and drank lots of wine.   i’ve mentioned before that there is comfort in old friends, especially the ones that you can just sit with, having no real agenda.

and we didn’t feel bored, either. we went out on the boat and sat for a while just listening to the great blue herons that are nesting right now, and we walked through the atlanta botanical gardens (spectacular new renovation/additions) and took in the beauty that surrounded us.

we cooked together and laughed a lot, especially when we stopped by the grocery store and saw some guy carrying out a case of corona beer and as he crossed the street, shrimp started falling out of his shorts! they were everywhere, and he grabbed his crotch with his one free hand and tried to contain the remainder of his “five finger discount” seafood, to little avail! we were cracking up and singing songs about it for the evening.

maybe it was because we were at my house, or maybe because we saw each other as recently as november 2009, but the feeling was one of  familiarity and the mood was relaxed.  just doin’ nothin’.

all that nothingness was a whole lot of something. Thanks, girls!