Well, in a recent post, I told you that I was going to review some of the Thai restaurants in the Atlanta Area. I will admit that I have a few favorites and tend to return to them fairly often, so there are many restaurants, I am sure, that I have neglected.  You could be a big help in helping me complete my search for the best, and worst, Thai restaurant in Atlanta.

Little Bangkok on Cheshire Bridge Rd. has been my longtime favorite since moving to midtown 14 years ago. It is very casual, small, family run, and the owners are very gracious. Service is quick, food consistently very good and spiced right. The whole fried flounder special is a favorite of mine, served with a sweet sauce.  IMHO, best pad Thai around. Beer and (cheap) wine only. For the price, it’s your best bet.

Tamarind Seed is much more upscale, (and expensive) but I have never tried anything that that I didn’t like. Panang Curry, Masaman Curry and Green curry all perfectly seasoned and yummers!!  The whole red snapper fried-OMG! Wonderful seasonings and a full bar menu. A lively vibe. I will return here on special occasions.

Nan Thai Fine Dining is nice enough, the atmosphere is attractive, ambiance romantic. However, I feel that for the price of our meal, the food should have been knock-your-socks-off good. It was really just, well, OK.  Overall was disappointed to drop so much $$ on a “pretty good” meal. Word is to go with the specials-as they are usually the best bet. Oh, Don’t forget to check out that bathrooms-very cool!

Tuk-Tuk Thai Food Loft. Welcome to Atlanta! Glad you’re here!  See my review by clicking HERE

MaLi in Va. Hi. has a good, casual vibe and nice patio. The cuisine is split between Thai and Sushi. I seem to see a lot of that lately. I guess it’s for those of us who either can’t decide or have different desires for dinner. To those restaurants, I say pick one and stick to it, because neither here are great. And I have had bad service on more than one occasion.

Wild Ginger Hovering dangerously close to being OTP, we tried this place because we had a coupon, and it had gotten good reviews.  Their friends must have written the reviews, because the food sucked, ambiance was nothing to shout about (cheesy, actually), and the bill was STILL too high. Blech! Skip it.

Bangkok I can walk a block from my house to this restaurant, but I don’t. Does that say enough? It’s just not very good at all, and I have no idea how they’ve managed to stay open for so long, because it is always empty.

King and I I can walk to this restaurant in Ansley Mall as well, and I assume that since it is located very close to Bangkok, it takes their customers. Still not great, but will do in a pinch. I typically carry-out and take it home.

Annie’s Thai Castle in Buckhead is pretty good, I guess, if you like to pay too much for mediocre Thai food.  I think people probably go here because it is centrally located in Buckhead. Nam Sod and the Chicken coconut soup are favorites.

Top Spice Thai and Malaysian in Ansley Park, another restaurant close enough to walk to, is mid-priced with a full bar and nice ambience. In all honesty, I have only eaten the Malaysian food here, but can say that it was very good!