Hey all my fellow frugal followers!   Has the economy got you in a pinch? Unless you’ve vowed to cook all your own meals, not shop for goods and services an only watch cable TV, I think you’ll find some handy-dandy ways to save money here.

Food:  Do you know about Restaurant.com? It’s where you find deals to “Eat. Drink. Save money.” With deals from 50-80% off your bill, it’s hard to go wrong.  Restaurant.com has deals all over the country, so if you are planning a trip or looking for a deal closer to home, check it out. Be aware that most deals don’t include alcohol or tip.there is often a discount code to help you save the max amount of money on your certificates, so read the deal carefully.

General Services: Do you Groupon? I do.  And I’ve saved a bundle on such services as massages, facials, restaurants, pet grooming…sign up and Groupon.com will send you a deal a day for you to take or leave.  (You purchase the coupon that day only, but the deal is good for up to a year).  It, too, is nationwide.  Saving 65% on a mani-pedi or half-price Braves tickets.  Not too shabby!

Scoutmob is a lot like Groupon, but just in the greater Atlanta area, for now anyway.  And even if you’re not looking for a deal, the site offers interesting tidbits and happenings around town.  They will send the daily deals/info to your i-phone or email.

Gadlings Daily Deal is a great place to find hot deals on small electronic devices, cameras, and all kinds of travel gear. from luggage at 60% savings to a refurbished Sony camera at a fraction of the original price, sign up for the daily deal and you’ll no doubt find something you have to have.

Want to rent a movie but don’t want to pay upwards of $5.00? I am a convert to Redbox, the vending machine that spits out movies for a buck a day. (plus tax, so it’s $1.08 in the ATL)   They’re popping up everywhere, mainly outside grocery stores, drug stores and walmart. You can go online, plug in your zip code, and find the box nearest you, and even hold a movie to pick up later.  Not all boxes have all the latest movies, but I have had very good luck finding what I want.

I hope I’ve given you some good ideas on ways to save your hard-earned cash. As a frugalista, I would love to hear your pointers, comments, or questions. Save On!!!