OK, the Academy Awards are over. I watched about half of it, flipping back and forth between the Oscars and The Amazing Race (remember, I’m doing Competitours in June). I enjoyed the sparring between co hosts  Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin a lot. They work well together, in my opinion.

Over the course of 2009 and early 2010, I made an attempt to see most of the contenders. You can see a couple of my reviews here., although I did not review all of the movies I saw.

Did The Hurt Locker deserve to win Best Picture, etc?  While I liked the movie a lot, I didn’t think that is was worthy of best picture, although I do believe Kathryn Bigelow deserved best director.  I loved the movie-and the title made perfect sense, and the emotions evoked by the characters was riveting,  but for Best Picture, I’m thinking Avatar.

Was Jeff Bridges the Best Actor for Crazy Heart? Dunno-haven’t seen it yet, but likely. The trailer makes it look like he deserved to win. However, A Single Man’s Colin Firth had me from the start. OMG-he swallowed that character completely.

Sandra Bullock-best actress for The Blind Side.  Glad she won, love the gal.   We could probably be BFF’s.  However, Meryl Streep became Julia Child in Julie and Julia.

Best Animated film- Up.  Definately!  I was lucky enough to see it in 3-D, one of my faves of the year!!

Mo’nique as Bbest Supporting Actress for Precious—YES!!!! Hand’s down! I loved that movie BTW! Best Adaptation for the Screen?? Absolutely!!

Cristoph Waltz for best supporting actor in Inglourious Basterds? Since the only other one of the contenders I saw was Invictus (Matt Damon), I really can’t say.

Documentary– Couldn’t see The Cove–too painful, I’m thinking.  Food, Inc is an important film, as well.

So, there is my two-cents worth.  I would love for you to comment, disagree, agree, or just plain put in your vote.  Happy movie-watching!