Click. It’s one of the first things I do each morning when I turn on my computer. I click the purple button on  the Animal Rescue Site.

That one click that takes a second to do, provides a bowl of food to a homeless pet in a shelter. Really.  I looked it up on snopes after someone poo-poo’d it and claimed it was a hoax.. It’s not, and it is one of the easiest ways to help the animals.  As an extra-added bonus, they have a great store with all kinds of pet products, jewelry, accessories and fair-trade items. When you purchase through the Animal Rescue Site, an additional number of bowls of food go to the animals.  Yesterday, I purchased a dog harness for Kismet, and another 20 bowls of food was donated.  Yay! How easy is that???!!!

For more ideas on ways you can help homeless pets, scroll down my “pets” category.

In the meantime, a click a day helps keep hunger away!! (Oh, and tell your friends!!)