Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving I have so much to give thanks for. Fabulous family, friends, facebook (yeah, you know…) and fifty. (Lots of F’s there, but it’s all good).

It is between cooking tasks that I can take a minute to sit and write this post. Believe it or not, this is the first major holiday that HK and I have spent at home, with each other, alone–in the 19 years that we’ve been together!  We have always packed up the car, the dogs, our stuff, and travelled to one or the other parent’s house for the holidays. This year is the exception, since his family is away on vacation and we will drive to florida to visit my parents over Christmas.

I’m cooking a turkey breast (crockpot), candied yams (crockpot), stuffng, asparagus mousse, cranberry-pineapple gelatin salad, topped off with a pumpkin chiffon pie! All that for the 2 of us! I’ve started coooking today, and am thoroughly enjoying myself. I’ve got the stereo cranked, apron tied on, every small appliance i own on the counter, the kitchen looks like a tasmanian devil just whirled through, and I LOVE IT!!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to wish all my readers a wonderful Thanksgiving, and even if you live in a country that does not share this particular holiday, thank you for hanging with me on this blog. I hope that everyone enjoys the warmth and love that this season brings.