cooks warehouse

Cooks Warehouse Midtown

Ok, so last night was a really fun girl’s night out at the brand-spanking new Cooks Warehouse in Ansley Mall. After seeing the movie Julie and Julia this summer, I organized a group of fellow foodies to partake in a cooking class featuring a few of Julia Child’s well-known recipes.  Mmmmmmm…it was good. And fun.  We all brought our own wine, donned our aprons and set to work in teams in the new, huge, 5-station kitchen. There were several assistants on hand to help out with technical details such as how to turn on the newfangled stovetops, where to find the correct pots and pans, how to remove the covers off the knives, and proper band-aid placement. (true to form, i was the first (only) one to cut myself–a PAPER CUT-how humiliating).

After an hour or so in the kitchen, we were seated and served the fruits of our labors, starting with a Frisee Salad w/ bacon and croutons. The main course was

Beef Bourguignon–to die for, and fairly time/labor intensive, but worth it. Thankfully, 3 teams combined their efforts in the prep, so it went much quicker than if one chef were to prepare the dish solo. 

The finish, and, truthfully, my favorite dish of the night, was a lovely Tarte Tatin, an apple tarte serven in individual ramekins topped w/ fresh whipped cream.  Yummers!  Here is a link to the recipe—ENJOY!!!! 

While the food was great, it is the comaraderie that made the evening so special. As I’ve posted in past blogs, there is something about sharing food, breaking bread with friends, that warms the cockles of the heart.  I think we’ll make this a tradition. I know it did my heart some good!