this is it

This is IT!

My friend Karin and I went to a matinee today to see  This Is It,  the movie that was made from over 100 hours of footage taped during the rehersals of his 5 sold-out London shows.  ***Go see the movie soon, it’s only playing in the USA for 2 weeks!!!

The movie is all behind-the-scenes action, interviews with his musicians, dancers, choreographers. Each and every one of the people involved in this concert- that- never- happened had such love, respect and admiration for Michael, and it came across very obviously that he returned the love.

Watching the dancers move in unison was mesmerizing, watching his backup singers belt it out had me imagining I was on that stage.   Each one gave 110%, not because that’s what they had to do, but because they truly believed in the man in charge. Painstakingly detail-oriented, Michael went through each rehersal with every bit of gusto he demonstrated in past performances. If the media and skeptics doubted him, this series of concerts, the showmanship of the crew, the attention to detail, the videography, all of this would have proved them dead wrong.

The music included old favorites from the Jackson 5, Thriller, Billie Jean and Man in the Mirror. It also included some new songs, and a poem that is an Ode to Mother Earth. Not only was MJ a humanitarian, he was a strong advocate for our planet.

Michael Jackson was truly an artistic genious that in one way or another, touched us all. Michael appeared so happy on the footage that we watched, and was such a positive force.  That is the way I will choose to remember him.