Varasanos Pizza

Varasanos Pizza

OK, so a couple of weeks ago I told you about Groupons, the new group-purchasing coupon deal.  Did you join????? And if you did, did you mention my name in the referral?????  I don’t think so, since I haven’t been rewarded my $10.00 referral fee. C’mon, Peeps, do me a solid. Join, Dammit!  Please?

Anyway, this weekend, HK and I used one of our Groupon coupons for dinner at Varasano’s, a new and FABU pizzaria in lower Buckhead. Saturday night at 6:30 (we were goin’ to a movie afterward) and the joint was jumpin’! We waited for 15 minutes in the bar, a lively area right up front, where several people were eating their pizza’s.  That worked for us, because we got to see what people ordered and ask if it was good, etc.

After getting seated, we each ordered a pie.  HK got the Salume, and yours truly ordered the Nucci, which had garlic, olives, wonderful cheeses and arugula.  YUMMERS!!!! both pies rocked, and the leftovers, tho not much, made a great breakfast next morning.  They have gelato for dessert, too!   The groupon deal was we bought $35.00 worth of food/drink for $15.00.   Well worth it, and I’m sorry that you missed the boat on that one.  Go to Varasano’s anyway, you won’t regret it.

Oh, and mention my name when you sign up for Groupons!