Where to go next??

Where to go next??

Last weekend, HK and I were kayaking down the Cartecay river in Ellijay, GA, when we paddled past a couple of (presumed) locals sitting in innertubes with their fishing poles. We were in a very remote part of the river, and HK quietly began humming the chords to “Dueling Banjos”. Remember, from the movie Deliverance? I chuckled under my breath, made a pig squealing sound, when the one with crossed-eyes asked  “Where ye headed?”

“Uh…Down?”  What do you say when your boat is pointed downstream on a lightly flowing river? 

We paddled on past, giving it no further thought, until today.  The question popped into my mind during a morning walk with the puppies.

Where are we headed?

We’re back from any planned vacations for the next forseeable future, it’s nearly Labor Day, and, as usual, I’m trying to think of ideas for next year’s trip.

Being a type AA aires, I plan WAY in advance, in order to get all the research done and airfare booked (remember–cheap), so that (more…)