Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia

Yesterday, I decided to beat the heat and take myself to a matinee.  I’ve been hearing good things about Julie & Julia, so I packed my purse with candy and my BPA- free water bottle and settled in for the afternoon.

This movie first caught my eye when I learned that it was two intertwined stories, one, of course, about the pre-fame years of Julia Child, (Meryl Streep) in trying to “find something to doooooo” , and that of Julie Powell, (Amy Adams) a frustrated writer cum office worker.   You probably already know the story, so I won’t re-hash it all.

The movie is about passion. Not sexy, affair-ridden copulating passion, but passion for finding something you love to do and doing it. And most importantly, sticking with it through trying times, even though you sometimes ask yourself, why am I even doing this–what’s the point??

Throughout this movie, I found myself smiling and nodding my head. Yes, I was one of those annoying people talking (albeit to myself) to the characters on the big screen. I could relate to both Julia an Julie, and I recognized many paralells with myself and Julie. 

First and most obvious is the name. I don’t meet many Julies these days. Her love of  food–cooking and eating –was certainly a draw. She is a writer, albeit a disheartened one. (check). So she decides to write a blog.  A blog!  Julie Powell’s blog has a different core than mine (hers has a distinct timeline with one focus-Julia Child’s recipes), but it is a blog, nonetheless.

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