Willy and the Boyz

Willy and the Boyz

Last week, HK and I went up to Lynn Canyon Provincial Park to do some hiking. We didn’t take the pups, because we planned to hike too far for them to be comfortable. They love the little yellow house on the corner (where we’re staying in vancouver), so they were OK chilling out for the day.  Willy and the Boyz, however, did make it, as you can see in the above photo.

Lynn Canyon has a beautiful suspension bridge, which swings and bounces at 150′ above a roaring river.  (being a chicken-shit, I held tightly to both cables and screamed at HK when he made it swing).

We hiked down a steep gorge, and were being passed by a bunch of runners. We asked what was going on, and one guy who was walking along with us for a bit explained that they were doing a 50k from horseshoe bay to deep cove. holy shit!

After enjoying a picnic by the river, we headed to a very popular area of the park called 30-foot pool, where all these people were jumping from the rocks above into this little cold, deep pool.  here’s a video of this guy that obviously needed proof that he had done it!  (He came up with a helluva wedgie–sorry i missed that video!)