Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

Oooohhh!! I’m soooooooo excited! 2 weeks from today, HK, and I are leaving for a summer getaway in Vancouver, BC!  Yep, we’re packin’ up the car and hittin’ the road. And guess what???? Kismet and Roxie  (click for a pic) are coming with us.  It’s a Family Road Trip!!

The pups are very excited, as they’ve never been out of the country before. They were not, however, too thrilled to go to the vet today and get up to date on all vaccinations so we can prove they won’t be bringing any diseases into Canada.

“It’s worth it,” I assured Roxie as she cried and squirmed in the vet-tech’s arms.  It’s cooler there, and they have dog beaches!

“What about FOOD????”  Kizzy was very concerned. 

“Don’t worry, Little Man, Canada has real good dog chow!”

Our challenge will be driving 4 days cross-country and getting enough exercize to keep everybody sane.  We got a 3-man pop-up tent so that we can camp out at night, since it’s not always easy to find a motel willing to take 2 rambunctious mutts. We’ll take their frsbee and take time for a game or two of catch at rest stops along the way.

“Camping?? Frisbee?? Count us IN!!!!!!!!!!”

Problem solved, for now, anyway.  Stay tuned for more of Kismet and Roxie’s Excellent Adventure.  They’ll be contributing to my blog, and video-taping some of the memorable moments!