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Wow! Ever since my Good Eatin’ in Atlanta blog, I’ve become enlightened to many new or new-ish restaurants in the ITP area! (That’s inside the perimeter, in case you didn’t know).  I’ll share some that we’ve either tried or heard about, but what I really need is your help to make my list more complete.  So please comment here, on this blog, so that my other readers can hear your thoughts. Thanks!

Right down Piedmont, in the old Prince of Wales spot (right across from Piedmont Park), The Nook has opened. HK and I love the patio scene, and for fairly simple tavern food at very reasonable prices, I’m already a fan. They also have an impressive-looking brunch.  The best part is that we can walk!

Peasant Bistro just celebrated its one-year anniversary.  I had never been there until they did a cooking demonstration at our house.  Loved the food so much, HK and I had to see for ourselves if it was that great at the restaurant. It was.  The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming. They also have regualr specials, so check out their website.

5 Seasons Brewing has finally opened in Westside. With local brews and a seasonal menu, I hope it will do well. We ate there last week, and it was still a little rough around the edges, but the food was good. The chef uses local, organic  produce when he can.

Another newbie is Pacci Ristorante, featuring the cusine of Northern Italy. Seems like several Itallian eateries have come and gone lately-curious to see about this one. It’s adjacent to the Hotel Palomar in Midtown, and it does have a big rooftop terrace-bar up top, called Alto Rex, and that is a huge draw for me!

30 Tables at the Glen Hotel has opened downtown, serving American contemporary cuisine. We haven’t eaten there–can anyone shed some light?

HK and I accidentally chanced upon Zaya in Poncy-Highlands one night, and thoroughly  enjopyed it. It had a great vibe, and one of our favorite cuisines–medeterranian.  Baba Ganush and spanakopita were very good.  I’ve had better, but frankly, most of the true mediterranian (read-middle eastern) restaurants we frequent are sort-of dives. The combo atmosphere and food makes this a winner for me.

So, If you have some new (or old) favorites that have been neglected in this or my past blog, please clue us in. I need to know where we’re gonna eat!