earthI hate to admit this, but normally i am pretty “doom and gloom” about this world on which we live.  i see evidence of the abuse that we heap on our planet. when i return home to Appalachia, i look  at what once were the majestic mountains that i loved while growing up, and they have been raped of their crowns, beheaded, even, in the name of greed and short sightedness for the coal that pollutes our planet.  Glaciers are melting, species are disappearing, people are wearing masks to keep the air out of their lungs.

But today is earth day, and i am going to rejoyce in her beauty. i am taking the dogs to the park for a picnic, i’m going to inhale the clear air (after i take my allergy pill), and i’m going to do what i can to preserve some natural resources.  (i bought the cutest little 2-wheeled shopping tote so i can walk to do my shopping easier).

i hope that you can get out and enjoy the day, enjoy the earth, treat her with respect, and appreciate what we have. i’d also love to hear ways that you have found to save the planet, even seemingly little

shopping tote
shopping tote

ways, that we may learn from and use for our future.