Flying phallus

Flying phallus

“Was that…?”  “Yep, a flying penis. They’re everywhere!”

And they are, indeed! Driving  from Paro to Thimpu, my eye caught several of these symbols painted on the front of houses, shops and stupas.  And these aren’t just little pictures discreetly drawn–they’re huge! I’m talkin’ 10 foot, 15 foot penises right there for everybody to admire! I decided that I needed to be recording these giant phallus symbols, because I knew my peeps back home would assume that I was exaggerating the truth without hard proof.

In Bhutan, the phallus is an integral part of ceremonies observed by communities, commonly used to ward off evil spirits as well as to bring newly married couples luck with fertility.

I’m sure HK and our driver were a little unsettled every time we passed one and i’d yell, from the backseat of the van,”PENIS ALERT! PENIS ALERT! PULL OVER!!!!”, then i’d jump out and run up to the house, or wherever we happened to be, and start snapping photos.  Well, hell, it’s not everyday, short of surfing porn, that you get to see so many, well, you know.


It seems that there is nothing out-of-the-ordinary with having a huge dick pointing towards your front door in bhutan, all the better if it’s squirting seman or surounded by snakes or other scary images.

Here are some examples of different phallus we encountered in Bhutan.cimg2730





















this one was at the army checkpoint.

this one was at the army checkpoint.