Druk Air in Bhutan Photo by Nathan Choe

Druk Air in Bhutan Photo by Nathan Choe

Egads!!! It’s countdown time and I’m sooooooooooo excited and anxious and nervous and running around the house making sure i’ve got everything, and feeling guilty about leaving my Kismet and Roxie  (but they have a wonderful house-sitter, and will go to uncle Ken and Terry’s for play-dates with cousin Hank).

Willy and the Boys is packed and ready for a high adventure with lots of photos. In the 15 years that he’s traveled with us, he is most excited about this trip.  (But he say’s that about every trip!)

The Trekking company that we’re using sent me an email update this weekend. Michael J. Fox is in Bhutan right now making a documentary about finding happiness. (And as you know, Bhutan measures it’s wealth by Gross National  Happiness).  Also, a 2008 poll in Travel an Leisure voted Bhutan’s (only) airport “second best in the world (behind Singapore), but the #1 scariest runway!!!!!!!  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  is 9:00am too early for a valium??  Here’s a link to the article, with other fun facts about Bhutan.


I look forward to returning home to share on JulesRules all about my trip and my birthday–a BIG one!!!  (Give me a shout-out on April 4th!!!!)


Until Then,  Tashi Delek