As promised, here are some more tidbite about Bhutan.  Just reading about it gets me soooo excited!  Less than a week to go!

Bhutan is often referred to as the Last Shangri-La due to it’s isolation and unspoilt beauty.  It is one of the world’s most isolated nations, only opening to tourism in 1974. There are less than 1 million people living in this kingdom, whose area is roughly the same as Switzerland.  Violent storms  coming off the Himalaya give the country it’s name, Druk Yul, which translates to  “Land of the Thunder Dragon”.

72% of Bhutan is covered in forest, and the government is active and serious in maintaining it’s ecological diversity. It will never be allowed to contain less than 60%  forest land.  26 % of the land has been declaired a nature preserve, and is a haven for several rare animal species, including the black-necked crane, red panda, takin, (ooohhhh–i love this animal!!) and the snow leopard.

Bhutan is impressive in its effort to remain green.  Plastic bags are not allowed to be used in the country–yeeaaahhhh!!!  Smoking is against the law (although marijuana grows wild in abundance everywhere— it is used to fatten up pigs (munchies??)

Archery is the national sport, and the only sport bhutan has ever competed in in the Olympics. (They did not win).

Check back, more to come. Tashi Dalek!