Tiger's Nest Monastery

Tiger's Nest Monastery

OMG!!!!!!! In a week, honeykins and I are leaving for the journey of a lifetime! We’re going to Bhutan, to celebrate my 5-0!  Many people, most, in fact have the same initial reaction. “Where?”  Exactly!!!!!!!!  That’s why we’re going there. We love to travel off the beaten path, and Bhutan is just that. And more!

So I thought that before we leave, I’d share some facts about Bhutan with you.


  • Is located in the Eastern Himalayas, between Tibet and India.
  • Just became a demcracy in 2008. Prior to that, it was a kingdom.
  • Measures it’s wealth by “Gross National Happiness”
  • Requires all visitors to travel through one of the nation’s approved travel companies. You cannot travel independently in Bhutan (This is a first for us–we’ve never used a tour company, even though I used to be a tour escort).
  • Requires all visitors to pay $200/day/person  while in country–this includes lodging and meals. 
  • The only airline allowed to fly into the country is the national airline, Druk Air.
  • Is 98% Buddhist

It’s going to be a grueling transit–we fly from Atlanta-Washington, DC-Seoul, South Korea-Bangkok-Paro, Bhutan.  I’m NOT thrilled to be flying through Seoul, since North Korea recently decided to “warn” commercial airlines that it will bomb aircraft that comes close to it’s airspace. Hmmmm…. surely we’ll be re-routed!  We’ll spend 2 nights in Bangkok, to recoup from the flight and stock up on prescription eyeglasses–(they are SOOO cheap, and stylish!)

Once we get to Bhutan, we’ll acclimatize for a couple of days and see important sites before taking off on a ten-day trek. We’ll have ponies and yaks to carry all of our equipment, including our tents, the “kitchen tent”, and bathroom tent. A guide and sherpas will also accompany us. The temps are supposed to be 60’s-70’s during the day, 30’s at night. We’ll climb to about 16,000 ft.  Yippeee!!!!!!!

So, I’m off to continue packing, which I’ve been doing since January, but hey, that’s just me.  I’ll post more info soon. Send questions. Please check back.

Tashi Delek.