I have been working on my book diligently lately, but have been having a helluvatime staying on track. Distractions are everywhere, and as soon as I hit a rough patch or a brain drain, my mind wanders, and I find myself trying to decide what color to paint my toenails, or looking through my closet for just the right thing to wear this weekend.  Did I feed the birds?  Is the mail here? 

At the same time that I’m writing, I’m reading about writing.  “Always write first and second drafts freehand”. “Write everything in a Word Doc”.  “Distance yourself from your writing”.  “Become one with your characters”.  That last one is easy, because I am my character.

As many of you know, I am a travel addict.  When I’m not actually on the road, I’m planning my next adventure. Or reading about travel. Or talking about travel. I know it’s annoying,  but it’s In My Blood!

In the book I am writing,  I share some of the crazy shit that has happened during my travels. More often than not, the “vacations” start out innocently enough, but often take a wrong turn, somehow

Like the time Iwas escorting a group of retired farmers in Chile and we were arrested for…

Or the time my travel companion got locked out of our room at the  Hudson Hotel in NYC naked, and I slept through the whole ordeal.

Or that time in the Amazon when I suddenly found myself fighting for my life…

Sigh…guess I’d better get back to writing the book instead of just talking about it.  Check back, I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  (Yeah, I know, this blog is another distraction)